safaree and his big ass… plot twist

well that big ass sausage had to end up with someone…
i’ve learned something about males,
regardless of sexuality

“Males will plot twist a whole relationship”

safaree is the perfect example.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but erica mena is his latest.
well they have an announcement for us…


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Who’s ready for this pregnancy slay???? @mr_guerra x @blu_gem_

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Most Wanted

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i thought these two would have some fun on reality,
fuck each other’s brains out to the last inch,
and then part ways in some reality show break up.

males are like the lottery.
it doesn’t matter if you’re amazing and all these other things.

It matters if you move the meter for us

i’ve seen some fine ass males,
who had the baddest vixens,
only to end up with someone basic.
i’ve seen some end up with bad vixens too.
i knew one who ended up with someone who completely disrespected him.
others claimed they wanted this and that,
but “the one” was a whole nother look.
russell wilson use to exclusively date white vixens and found love with ciara.

It don’t matttttttttter

you could think you just “okay”,
but an attentionisto will worship the ground you walk on.
you might want the muscle attentionisto,
but someone chubby or “not your initial type” steals your heart.

Life is one big ass plot twist.

go into this world,
give your best,
raise hell to those who deserve it,
give out respect and kindness,
and say your prayers at night.

6 thoughts on “safaree and his big ass… plot twist

  1. It’s so good to be gay. You never get caught up in the snare of pussy. Straight men will do anything for it, and end up broke looking like dried prunes because they’ve nutted their life force away. A straight man will throw his entire life away over a vagina.

    Good thing gay men dont t have to worry about that unless they want to.

    Still, I must say that when a man actually does love a woman, it’s a good thing, however, if he does it for clout then his intentions I shall doubt.

    I only know the dude cause of a post about his big penis and I don’t know who the woman is but both of them have a lot of damn followers which makes me wonder what have they contributed to something special

    Did they get married yet?

    Why are they so popular?

    She must be the dream for single women or something? She is pretty but what else did she do?

    Heterosexuals are weird…like really, really weird. One minute they talking about respecting the ways of Jesus and the next minute they on Instagram liking, congradulating and commenting on photos of people that had sex outside of marriage.

  2. Neither this relationship, nor this baby are plot twists-They’re storylines. Neither one of these people have a career outside of LHH so they have to give Mona Scott-Young(aka black Kris Jenner) a reason to keep cutting them checks. When people worship fame and money, theres nothing they wont fake, even if its parenthood.

  3. *blank stare* Nothing I’ve seen about that woman is remotely positive. Expect a messy breakup and her dragging him to court and not letting him see his child. I don’t want to speak negativity on them..but I don’t even watch Love and Hip Hop and know her ways. She’s bi and was a regular cheater on her girlfriend…so watch him get on live, crying. This is a whole mess.

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