rihanna realizes marriage is a business and things will change with asap rocky

when you reach a certain financial level in life,
you can’t just date/marry anyone.
i mean,
some gays are probably different as we can buy who we want.
some males will only like us because we can help provide a lifestyle.
i feel most rich people,
regardless of sexuality,
deal with this issue.
i always thought oprah was smart when it came to stedman.
if she married him,
and it didn’t work out,
he would be entitled to half of her money.
ya’ll know my thoughts on marriage but we’ll circle back.
i’m glad rihanna is taking the same approach as oprah because…

Rihanna is counting down the days until the arrival of her second child, but is in “no rush” to tie the knot with her boyfriendA$AP RockyRadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

Although they have a little one on the way, her inner circle said the Barbadian bombshell has found happiness in where their relationship currently stands and fears that getting hitched could change their harmonious dynamic.

The singer-turned-Fenty beauty mogul is head-over-heels about her rapper beau and considers making it official sooner than later, but thinks it may “only complicate their lives” if they zoom to the altar. Plus, she has a $1.4 billion fortune she would like to protect before going down the aisle, sources close to RiRi claimed.

“Rocky would get married tomorrow if Rihanna would agree — but she doesn’t see the sense in it!” one tipster spilled.

“Rihanna knows if they decided to marry, she would need a team of lawyers to work months on a prenup to protect her assets,” the tipster added, noting that her growing net worth dwarfs his $20 million nest egg, albeit still impressive.

“Frankly, she doesn’t have the stomach for it,” they added. “Rocky insists he loves Rihanna unconditionally and isn’t after her money — and she believes him. But she’s no fool when it comes to cash.”

i think she wanted kids and his sperm was available.
she felt comfortable with him and he seems to be a good dad.
not only that:

She had kids with the same wolf so it’s not all these baby daddies she has to co-parent with.


I see a lot of people following this in this new era of life and they ain’t rich at all.

in life,
many people are opting not to get married.
i been fonting for a while now:

Marriage is a business and once you split,
you’ll see how quickly it isn’t about love anymore.

so make sure whoever you marry,
they’ll keep the same energy if you ever divorce.

lowkey: you see these jackals who out people when they break up?
they’ll leak pictures and videos when they are mad?

not marriage material at all.

article cc: RadarOnline

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “rihanna realizes marriage is a business and things will change with asap rocky”

  1. I’m happy if she is. I like them together. I agree that she was ready for a baby and he checked the boxes.

  2. She actually wanted kids with Chris but after he had a baby with somebody else, she was out. She wasn’t taking second to a random chick. Granted she forgave him and they was definitely doing them, soon as it was confirmed, she was gone.

  3. Rihanna is living the life she always planned—a fixer upper partner who gave her the family she desired. The billion dollars was simply a bonus. Well done.

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