will smith is going to be murdering that random’s bank account with a lawsuit

i had a feeling will smith wasn’t going to let this slide.
maybe it was the wording?


i’d imagine hearing an opp say something so vile would get you tight.
so will’s rep has ( x denied all allegations of the hole destruction ).
duane martin allegedly won’t ( x be speaking about it ).
jada pinkett-smith tho?
you know she was gonna say something cause you already know…

we suing“.
is tasha k getting wrapped up in this “we suing” too?
she explained more about this situation on the breakfast club too:

jada looks good.
she looks cozy for this NY weather today.
she is right tho.

You can have an opinion but to say things with your chest…
you better come with receipts.

what i find interesting is the amount of people who went quick to “NOPE“.
they did not want to believe will was getting the cheeks killed by duane.
it made me say to myself:

“When people really like you,
they won’t believe salacious rumors about you.
They’ll damn sure run to defend your honor even if you are wrong.”

there are some celebs/public figures we will stand by no matter what.
there are others who we’ll believe the rumors without a doubt.
so i feel black folks would be calling this story cap but i had to wonder…

Would we believe it if it was allegedly Tyler Perry and Tyler Lepley?
Would we believe it if it was allegedly Drake and Lil Yachty?
Would we believe it if it was allegedly Jamie Foxx and Micheal B Jordan?

i’m not fonting those things are true but…

Do we pick and choose which people and rumors we believe?

4 thoughts on “will smith is going to be murdering that random’s bank account with a lawsuit

  1. Everybody mad at Tasha K but dude did a interview 4 weeks ago, with Comedy Hype on Youtube, saying the same thing. And as far as suing goes what about Jaguar Wright who been exposing everyone including Will and Jada for years…. 🐸 🍵

  2. Sue who for what? i think that in certain jurisdictions (California) it’s not defamatory to be called a homosexual. So there would be no lawsuit for libel, slander or defamation that would stand.

    In any case, most people in the gossip business like “Tasha K” know to sprinkle their reports liberally with “allegedly” and the like.

  3. I think we called it. We said there was going to be a lawsuit and the Smith’s wasted no time with the announcement, we just don’t know who but in all likelihood it will be both Tasha k and the man making the allegations.

  4. Not going to hold you, the Will + Duane rumors been around for so long my only shock in this was that Will was bottoming I assumed with all that ass Duane has he would mostly/only bottom. Lol

    Anyways, I would have thought Tasha learned from her Cardi situation that unless you have concrete proof say alleged or leave it where it is. But I see she’s hard headed cause she will keep doing I guess.

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