Rumor Has It, You Are Nothing But An Insecure Little B*tch

Do you judge a book by it’s cover?

I will admit that I do.

Some books just do not catch our interest at all.
Sometimes they just LOOK boring.
You have to take too much time to read the shit.
We are usually over it and move onto something else.
But, we will run to the pick up the books with a eye catching cover.
Maybe even because it looks like it won’t take long to read.
But, I am starting to realize that the books without the “extra” have the best stories.
You may even learn something new.
As humans with short attention spans,
anything worth the read is not worth the time these days.
Coming off to smart may actually repel; coming off too stupid attracts.
I had to wonder…

Should we just give some “books” a chance?

I met with a Hybrid yesterday to discuss his career.
I mentioned him before in an entry a while back.
He has a bad reputation of sleeping around in the business.
I judged him based on what people were saying.
I did not see it for him, to be honest.
He didn’t have the typical “hype machine” behind him that most people fake in this business.
He was just attractive with a nice voice.
Over the days, I meet a lot of them and they are all pretty much non-factors.
I did hear he was a killer in bed and wanted a little sample.
My motives initially were, “let’s get a little taste too…

I met with him and I realized that he was not my type already off the gate.
You see what I post in MEAT.
I could tell he was attracted to me and would have slept with me if I gave the green light.
We flirted, but I made sure to keep it professional.
As we started to talk about his life, it really was a lot to take in.
He had struggled with various issues in his young life.
He had a handicap that made him very insecure.
He had been homeless and did not know where his next meal was coming from.
He slept in train stations and homeless shelters as he worked a dead end job to survive.
He was all alone in this Concrete Forest.
He was determined to make it in the music industry.
Then, it started to hit me.

He didn’t sleep around because he was a genuine ho.
You know some people like dick and will fuck it for sport.
It seemed that he slept around because he thought it would help advance his career.
He was doing it because his low self worth and survival mode made him think that was what you had to do.

It was like the girl who slept around in high school.
She was really looking for love.
The boys would tell her she was beautiful and she was “wifey“.
They gassed her head up and she fell or it.
They would fuck her stupid and treat her like a dog.
As she did this, she got a bad reputation and sealed her fate.

When the Hybrid left me, I felt for him.
I could see he was going to make it based on his determination and his past.
He had a inner fire inside him that I could see and feel.
I don’t know how his story will end up, but I understood him after our brief encounter.

When he left, I was overcome with so much thought.
How many people have I pre-judged?
Do their circumstances change once you hear their story?
And, are people pre-judging me based on my appearance?
I have had people tell me that I give strong WOLF.
I have had people say that they could tell I was a strong FOX.
I even got that I come off mean and unapproachable.
I intimidate because I look rich and carry myself a certain way.
All of these things people “think” but really do not know for sure.

Little do they know this little Fox has his issues and insecurities.
I dress a certain way because I wanted society to view me as “perfect“.
I acted a certain way because I had a fear that people would think I was gay.
I get insecure when someone is getting Wolves who doesn’t look as “good” as me.
I have a fear of ending up alone and UN-successful.
I had walls up because I was hurt by people I thought were my friends and potential lovers.
Now, I’m started to strip those walls down and be me.
But, on the outside looking in, you would never know my struggle.
Just like we do not know anyone else based on the rumors we hear or what we see.

So I started to wonder that is safe to say we ALL pre-judge.
We all talk about people and they talk about us.
Some people know our business already because someone we told already told someone else.
When we walk into a room, everyone in there already has a different opinion about us.

So if this is the case…

Should we really care what people think about us?

5 thoughts on “Rumor Has It, You Are Nothing But An Insecure Little B*tch

  1. As you get older and start to learn from your mistakes and you start to realize that all the little petty shit you used to worry about means nothing in the big scheme of things. As long as people dont say that I stole from them, or lied on them, we are cool. You got to know who you are as a person. I was rocked by a scandal at one job that involved the news media, I was falsely accused of providing information for a damaging media story about my company, there was never any evidence that I did it, but one person thought it was me and it spread like wildfire throughout the company. I was treated like a cancer by some, I was young and had sleepless nights because I could not believe a lie like this would keep going even though it was not true in any form or fashion. It did teach me and important lesson about who I was and to not let what people say bother me. I learned what I was made of.

    I dont put much stock in what people say about others, especially in the internet world we live in. Most of the time, people who are talked about are interesting, exciting, and have a lot of people who hate on them because they are living life on their terms. You never know someones back story to understand why they make the choices and decisions that they do. If you are a whore, druggie, asshole etc. it will always come out in some form or fashion, you can only hide behind a false image for so long. So the books with the shiny covers and pretty faces always seem to hide some ugly secrets. I would encourage anyone to always get to know someone one on one and not believe the hype. I have had friends who everybody else hated for whatever reason, turn out to be the most genuine sincere people ever and the ones who you think got your best interest are the biggest detriments.

  2. No fuck what people think. You could be the nicest person in the world and real cool. And if someone thinks somthing about you it’s over. I can’t lie I have also prejudged people but I took the chance to get to know them and I learned alot about them. Some were as they seemed and some were angels. It’s always best to get your own opinion.

  3. No, we shouldn’t care what people think about us.

    Yes I do judge a book by its cover, we are all human, and it’s natural for us to judge other people. We may keep it to ourselves, but in our heads we’re like…um.. yeah, this person is this, this person is that. I’m the type of person who doesn’t give a FUCK what people think of me. If a person doesn’t like me, that’s too bad, it’s their problem not mine. That’s one less person I have to worry about. I don’t care what they say either, and I feel that other people should do the same. My mother always said,” people will talk about you until the day you die.”

  4. No you shouldn’t care, but you’ll do it anyway because you are hard headed fox.

    Ask yourself honestly, why do you care what people think? How has your life been working were you make your moves based on what other people, who can never really know you, think about you? How many relationships, job opportunities, or experiences were missed because you cared too much about someone else’s thoughts about your own life. At some point your opinion should be the only one that matters, not necessarily the only one considered, but definitely the only one that matters.

  5. Yes and no.

    Right or wrong, you have to think of yourself as a brand and with that comes brand management. It’s better to have no reputation at all, than a bad one. Before people ever meet you, they meet your reputation and as the saying goes, you never want to make a bad first impression. People aren’t fortunate enough to know your inner thoughts and feelings nor your struggles upon first meeting you. All they know is what they’ve been told.

    And so in that respect, it’s important to be mindful of how you are viewed and what is being said about you. It may not be right, but it’s life.

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