MEAT (125)

I love sweat, muscles, and “cum fuck me” stance all in one nice Wolf package…

I got NO shame…

13 thoughts on “MEAT (125)

  1. Saw one of my neighbors last week with some jeans on and he had a fat ass hanging out with his sag. I lost my train of thought for a minute his ass was so fat, but on to old boy, these gym dudes trip me out. Dont be fooled by str8 dudes at the gym, they love attention from men. I see it so much I can write a guide about gym men. On second look at this dude he is a butch queen, that sag gives it away. Body is lovely but he is a bit extra. He is too done up with the Fitted, matching shorts and new shoes that match the outfit, Dre headphones, he is making too much of a fashion statement. Most real str8 dudes are raggedy when they work out, mismatched, they wear the same funky outfit everyday to work out in. This dude is clearly enjoying attention, I see his is a member of 24Hr fitness, so am I and they are full of dudes just like this.

  2. I constantly have people tell me that straight brothers are not even thinking about other guys looking at their asses. My question: how can a brother not think that other guys are checking out his ass, when his pants are all the way below his ass?

    Yeah, I know a lot of young brothers with girlfriends and babies wear their pants off the butt and even below the butt and that it’s a generational fashion thing; but, how can they be oblivious to other guys checking out their asses?

    1. I think about that too.They can’t really be oblivious to how fat their asses are and the fact everyone can see it. Maybe dudes do it so their bball shorts or sweats won’t ride up in between their legs?

      I’ve NEVER heard a woman comment on how she likes to see a dudes ass when he sags.

      Keep in mind I’m referring to dudes who sag to the point you can see their whole ass.

      1. “I’ve NEVER heard a woman comment on how she likes to see a dudes ass when he sags.”

        I haven’t either. Most women I know think it’s ridiculous; only chickenheads like that mess. The only reason I can think they do it is to appeal to other dudes…cuz that can’t be comfortable. Even when I wear sweats or shorts around the house & they sag, I’m constantly pulling them up

    2. They know. They are probably curious, an dtesting the waters. Or, they just don’t want to know that brothers are checking them out. Willful ignorance?

  3. No thanks.
    Those are the kind of guys that irritate the hell out of me in the gym. Standing around trying to be cute, posing, taking pictures, and taking up space.

    1. Ikr they always in the damn way at one station for a hour fuckin up my workout. With that look at me face

  4. Damn that body is the truth. I have a strong preference for a darkskinned man with a nice body.

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