some of us have been smashed by a demon.
don’t even laugh because you know you have.
there are plenty of demons in the hood,
on jack’d,
and trying to fuck you behind their baby mama’s backs.
on the low tho,
demon sex beez kinda right.
they have to smash good because they need lodging and a free meal.
what if…

…you could get smashed by a literal demon?

an invisible demon from the depths of horny hell?
this spanish male claims he has been getting tag teamed by demons.
he decided to set up a camera and record it for us to review…


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lemme insert one of my fav gifs that suits this entry perfectly here:

the cat took me out tho.
it was GONE.

soooooo can we font about all those positions?

Those demons were wearing his ass OUT.

those demons were mad disrespectful too.
they just pulled that sheet down and didn’t even give him a warning.
do demons use lube?
or do they just go in for the kill?
i see why he was hurtin’.
he was getting banged into the 9 circles of hell.

i don’t know if this video is legit but i have heard about this happening tho.
i’ve never been raped by a demon,
but when i was a teenager after a nap,
i remember waking up and this black figure was standing above me.
at that moment,
i couldn’t move or scream.
i just remember thinking i was about to die but i ended up waking up.
some of these stories are no joke tho.
stay woke (literally).

lowkey: that sex looks like some freddy krueger shit.
remember when freddy killed that one vixen in bed?

( x see the scene here )

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I never had these so called demon sex but I too have had these feeling something was on me and I couldn’t move. I felt like I had to fight off before I can wake up.

    1. Many gays would gladly take the opportunity I already saw a viral tweet saying “mood” but seriously think about what’s glorified in the community

      How people have had to defend Russell Wilson for loving his family because the norm is not to

      It’s all in what we idealize

    2. Look up SUCCUBUS and INCUBUS. It’s real. So is SLEEP PARALYSIS. Although there are medical causes for sleep paralysis I do believe that in many other instances there are demonic ties. DEMONS ARE REAL, and truthfully I have seen them. One will usually see them in a state between consciousnesses when the defenses are down or impaired. The moments between sleep and wakefulness or vice versa.

    3. Your description sounds like Sleep Paralysis. I suffer from it from time to time. You are awake and trying to move your body but feels like something is holding you down

  2. I don’t play about that shit, I don’t even like movies that deal with demonic entities & things, I don’t want NONE of that around me 🙅🏾‍♂️

      1. ^ jus,
        thank you so much for your suggestions.
        if i see something of interest in that realm,
        i will definitely make a post in the near future.
        you can always send in tips and if i find it interesting,
        i will consider adding it to the docket.

        have a good night.

  3. Wh— he set the camera up? To get raped? Tag teamed by demons. With a cat in the same bed? I thought cats were guardians of the underworld? Something how the Egyptians always had cats to keep the demons away. Secondly, you have to let demons in, they don’t just show up unannounced. We live in a world where everything is questionable now. I don’t play with that. Whether its real or fake, I ain’t touching that. The video is too chopped up to be believable. Its made out to look like he is being raped. We all have seen people do that same routine on Twitter without claiming demons did it.

    See the difference between whyte people shit and black people shit; we don’t put that on social media. We are going to the first church and spilling all our sins out for forgiveness, if it means getting dipped in water, we ain’t posting a video about getting raped by no demons!

  4. Jamari, can you find out what happened to your old commenters?!

    This is so obviously fake. I could do do that. Anybody can. Now if he rose up into the air as if lifted up..okay. But..he was just moving his body smh

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