the demon jackal who would benefit off me when i died

a few minutes ago,
i spoke with the company about my mother’s life insurance policy.
i get letters that there are only 100 dollars in there.
right now,
i’m going through a serious struggle and need to pay off some bills.
it won’t be enough but at least it will pay off one important bill.
so i called to withdraw and close the account.
they asked me a ton of questions to confirm my identity.
when it came to confirm who i have listed as my beneficiary,
i named my sister because (at the time) that was obvious.

that isn’t it.”

so i’m like wtf?
i go down a list of names in my family and nothing.
i found out who would get the money in there if i passed…

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some of us have been smashed by a demon.
don’t even laugh because you know you have.
there are plenty of demons in the hood,
on jack’d,
and trying to fuck you behind their baby mama’s backs.
on the low tho,
demon sex beez kinda right.
they have to smash good because they need lodging and a free meal.
what if…

…you could get smashed by a literal demon?

an invisible demon from the depths of horny hell?
this spanish male claims he has been getting tag teamed by demons.
he decided to set up a camera and record it for us to review…


it’s not you, it’s (mi)

my sister is such a dumpster fire.
The Universe kept blocking us when we were supposed to talk.
my spirit wasn’t fully feeling it but when i did call,
she had just left her aunt’s crib or didn’t show up.
i spoke to the same aunt yesterday about her daughter’s funeral

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the music made the demon do it

there are some real demons out here.
often times,
we see them in action via social media.
they’re on video doing the wildest shit.
^that demon did the unthinkable to a teenager on thursday morning…
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Here Little Demon, Demon (Drink This Benadryl and Wait 5 Minutes)

demonic jackals come in many shapes and sizes.
that creature who just shot up the high school in florida is one.
that orange sludge who is running this country to hell is another.
i’m about to show the foxhole a little one i saw today.
this one was left to run wild on an 8 hour flight.
this is up close and personal footage with a mini…
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The Battle Between Good and Evil

the outcome of when two parties can’t agree and come to battle.
it usually entails massive violence,
disruption between citizens,
and ultimate destruction.
well what happens when the war is insideā€¦ you?…

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