it’s not you, it’s (mi)

my sister is such a dumpster fire.
The Universe kept blocking us when we were supposed to talk.
my spirit wasn’t fully feeling it but when i did call,
she had just left her aunt’s crib or didn’t show up.
i spoke to the same aunt yesterday about her daughter’s funeral

…and she told me that my sister was acting like a fuckin’ fool.

she damn near got cussed out at the funeral.
she wasn’t showing any emotions towards her cousin,
the same cousin who tried her best to help her.
she told me that my sister is currently messing with a male who is way older than her.
he has 4 kids and he allegedly wants to get her pregnant because he wants a boy.

she quit her job,
drinkin’ and druggin‘,
and stopped taking her meds and isn’t in her right mind.
she isn’t doing anything to help herself and has turned off the little family she has left.
it kinda feels like all her cousin did for her was in vain.
you know what this showed me?

People don’t change.

my sister was always this person.
she just hid it because her cousin was around.
as soon as she died,
my sister decided to let the demon within her come back out to play.

like i told her aunt,
i’ll feel sad if my sister ends up loses her life,
but i’ll mostly do a sigh of relief.
in this story arc of hers,
she isn’t the one to root for.
she is the villain that is happy and comfortable being one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. it’s wild cause my sister is the same way dude; like idk what’ll become of her but i can’t continue to worry about her and her narcisstic personality disorder or w.e she got going on. she hasn’t been properly diagnosed with a personality disorder but it’s clear as day that she has one smh. all i can do is love her from a distance and move on with my life.

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