aaliyah is here! aaliyah is here!

i’m not gonna lie to you foxhole,
but i didn’t believe aaliyah’s music would ever get to streaming.
they played my ass plenty of times before when it came to her.
between her estate and that uncle of hers,
after 20+ years,
i just didn’t believe it.
didn’t believe the #aaliyahiscoming and this interview with the uncle of hers:


when i woke up today,
hopped on twitter,

i saw they legit put her album,
one in a million“,
on my spotify

I legit bawled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ugly fuckin’ cried for 15 minutes!!!!!!!
it was so ridiculous.
i am such an aaliyah stan and once they stopped putting cd drives on laptops,
it was over for me to listen to her music.
the laptop that i had all her music on died years ago.
i’d go to youtube to listen,
but it didn’t feel the same.
since streaming is here to stay,
i wanted her in on spotify with the rest of my favs.

one in a million” is the first aaliyah album i bought as a kid.
my best friend at the time older sister was listening to it and i really liked it.
something about the songs really resonated with my spirit.
i liked the other r&b gals (brandy, monica, and mya),
but something about aaliyah really drew me to her.
i begged my mother to buy all of her singles with all the remixes to this album.
i loveddddddd the “one and a million” remix with ginuwine,
but i got that on napster.
remember napster and limewire?
this album was everything for me and really helped me through a lot of my struggles.

the fact that after they released it and this happened:

…shows this is something we all wanted and needed.
their fighting and selfishness truly stopped the bag.
the fans were gonna show up and support our girl.
even writing this is making me cry because it’s been so long and it wasn’t fair.
i’m so happy today that ya’ll don’t understand.

I would tweet my feets on their necks all the time.

they did her so wrong in death,
and even when she was alive,
but i feel that baby girl can transition peacefully and can stop haunting their asses.

lowkey: i hope they drop the singles from this album.
fuck that.

i hope they drop every aaliyah EVERYTHING since they got their shit together.
i’m ready and they gonna do her right.
i will pay them a compliment:

The roll-out they did for my girl is well done.

x see how blackground 2.0 is doing her

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “aaliyah is here! aaliyah is here!”

    Every month on the 20th is gonna be an album release. Her special edition vinyls get sent next year, fingers crossed because I preordered all of them lol.

    Lowkey I slept with it on repeat since midnight just so it can get the spins.

    1. ^omg the prices for anything aaliyah was filthy out here.
      i had her music at one point on one of my old iphones but it wasnโ€™t in the cloud.
      it has been a struggle to truly enjoy her music unless you had youtube.

      i am so glad you got the special editions tho!!!
      what is on them?
      anything new?

      and iโ€™m gonna play her album out this whole weekend.
      my neighbors better be prepared for aaliyah-geddon.

          1. ^right!!!!!!

            i hope they drop every single piece of thing she has ever been on.
            sorta like how mariah did with all her singles and remixes after her bio dropped.
            the fans deserve this from her catalog because she had a lot of un-released gems.

      1. All mine was in the cloud and then later google cloud so I never missed a beat as far as listening to Aaliyah. This is one of the problems with streaming if the Artist or label or both decide they don’t want their music available for stream then you never get to her it again. I guess In lucky I am ‘ol skool. I back up the back up!!!

        1. Same, I still have her on itunes. I just use 3rd party software to copy my library when I have to get another device. I was a huge Aaliyah Stan as a kid. She was edgier and different from the the other girls. The hair in the face, the dark clothe,s the leather, on top of that she was so talented and likable. I am glad this current generation is able to figure out what the hype was about.
          One in a million is so good only second to self titled album.

  2. I was in tears too but I’m waiting for her self titled album. I didn’t appreciate that album more until I became an adult. I pray Barry and her Estate can resolve their issues. It felt so good to see her on Apple Music and Spotify. Spotify even gives you visuals while you listen to her album as well. She’s number 1 on iTunes literally after an hr of streaming. The culture won

  3. What an evil man. Killing JoJo’s career. Holding music hostage for no reason. And her estate is just as mad. Why are they mad music is being released? Sit the entire f down. Heard he robbed Gladys Knight blind too, smh!

  4. WE DESERVE THIS!!!!!!!! After Covid ,Trump and 2020!!!!!!!!

    ( is it me or does anyone feel that SHE would not like how they kept her music from us)

  5. ๐Ÿ˜ญ Iโ€™ve had to survive with finding a few of her classics ON COMPILATION albums!!! But now we can have the real thing! ๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š

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