onlyfans is about to be “no fans” when october hits

*the following entry is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

one of my favorite onlyfans has got to be king nate.
he has the world’s most beautiful penis,
his stroke is that of a demi-God,
and he looks good af with his tall ass.


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not only that,
his onlyfans is free.99 and you can choose to pay for his drops.
welllllllll onlyfans is pulling his and everyone else’s platforms…

Starting in October 1st, OnlyFans will prohibit sexually explicit content on its site—the very content that made the platform a household name in the first place.

In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform, and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines,” OnlyFans said in a statement to Bloomberg.

As Axios reported, OnlyFans has had issues getting investors on board due to the site’s largely explicit content. It’s just one of the many issues facing companies that host and/or facilitate the monetization of adult content, in addition to the threat of redlining from payment services and navigating the controversial laws Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, collectively known as FOSTA-SESTA, which many consider a crackdown on sex workers.

do you hear that noise?
listen carefully…
it’s the sound of a stampede.

it’s the sound of the gays running to download all their fav’s movies.
so i guess the next question is…

What will the sex workers do?

i mean,
there is ( x just for fans ) so i’m sure they’ll be good.
do they do pay an entrance fee,
upload a shit ton of previews,
but charge a whole other price for the flixxx in dms?
as long as king nate can find a new home to drop his package off at

look at those abs and pecs…
i hope your sex workin’ fav can work hard for their money somewhere else.

lowkey: i feel all these sex workers are about to show tf out until october 1st.
keep me posted on who does.

article cc: fast company

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “onlyfans is about to be “no fans” when october hits”

  1. So, let’s be real and have the actual conversations. In the beginning, Onlyfans was surprisingly good; amateur porn if done well can be better than studio productions because you’re able to cast a much broader net of talent. Onlyfans allowed the amateur community a platform, unfortunately, the platform has become oversaturated with people who are hustlers and not people who are willing to grind and entertain their fans. Kingnate checks off all the boxes, but to be fair, he’s also a hustler if you do the math. At the end of the day, there is not a lot of content and if you did manage to piece together content to create a 15-minute clip it would cost you $45 or more; that’s not good business, that’s not being an entrepreneur, that’s being a hustler fleecing the public.

    Beyond the entertainers, the bigger issue here, that only two people have addressed out of all the comments, is the overreach done by the government. At the end of the day, porn is either legal or illegal, we must destroy this grey area where porn is legal but if you produce it, distribute it, or consume it then that is illegal which makes porn itself illegal.

    The government destroyed back page and it’s debatable if that was justified or not, but the government did destroy Tumblr with little to no justification. At its height Tumblr was valued at over 1.1 billion dollars, then the government came in talking about sex trafficking, child pornography, etc. next thing you know Tumblr talks some mess about investors not being interested as their reason for getting the porn aspect away from their platform and a company that was worth over 1.1 billion sold for less than 3 million, all because it refused to stand up for itself and fight the government. I’m not anti-government at all, but I do believe the government should have to present an actual case and publicly put it before a Judge and or jury and let the people decided and it has yet to do that in any case that I’m aware of. The government simply comes in and threatens and people just fold.

    That’s the reality of Onlyfans, Onlyfans has been valued as high as 1.2 billion dollars, if this ban goes into effect watch that evaluation drop dramatically, all while fronting about investors when really behind the scenes there being threatened with legal action by the government. If you are going to crash and burn, go out with an epic fight. I need the larry flynts of the world to stand up, people who weren’t afraid to challenge the government and win. Full disclosure at the end of the day I believe in masturbation, and I consume legal porn and instead of people running from it because they’re ashamed I need people to start defending it, millions if not billions of people do it and that’s why porn is a multi-billion

  2. Oh well.
    All good things comes to a end.
    I hope some these individuals saved their money, if not McDonald’s hiring.

  3. Well if you gonna go down porn road then you gotta adapt to the changes. I gotta put your eggs in other baskets. You also gotta be on to the up&coming sites. Plug your born brand thrust traditional born streaming sites. Those that did not do this gonna feeling it once this hit. The gotta learn that if you gonna do born this is a business and you gotta make those moves…

  4. I keep forgetting that this is caused by anti-porn religious groups. So far they’ve taken on Tumblr, Pornhub, Ebay, and Onlyfans. Twitter will probably be next! Justforfans and 4myFans probably won’t last either. If anyone is interested in the why/how this is happening, look up the SESTA/FOSTA bill that passed in 2018. Also here’s a NSFW link that has a few more details

  5. I just found out and had to come here. A lot of content creators will be going broke. This is a crushing blow to the amateur adult industry.

      1. That’s funny and you are probably right.
        Honestly , I must say, It would be sexy if there was a little mystery left out there. Everybody and their grandpappy has a dick picture online. The element of surprise has Gone With The Wind. It’s nothing to desire any longer. Plus the barebacking is off the chain. The bottoms are out of control. Twitter is like pornhub Jr. What a bore!😴😞☹️

        1. Yeah, it is lame. People don’t know how to do thirsttraps anymore. Leave a little something to the imagination. Nudes aren’t anything we haven’t seen before so creativity spices them up. Also, the most beautiful people lose their mystique when they bare it all. People want what they can’t have. If you’re so open with it, it’s a turnoff and people haven’t rewalized that.

      2. I actually love attention, and I don’t need to post fake shit on the internet to get it 😉

  6. Onlyfans has big contracts and contrary to popular belief unless you’re a former porn star with an established fan base many people aren’t subscribing to the only fans when they can watch it for free online. Folks better learn how to create websites and market their brand. Sad part is many of them probably haven’t invested their money properly neither. Nothing lasts forever. Overall they’ll be fine Sex sells, always has and always will.

  7. I think one Onlyfans porn star is steps ahead of them! He only sends his videos through messages on Onlyfans lol. If you only send messages does that still count? I just wanna make sure I can still get the content lol. He posts new videos sucking or fucking EVERY single day! How does he find all these ppl to fuck raw?? Lol I mean I’m not complaining just amazed! Lol

  8. The writing was on the wall. They had announced that change is coming. Those who did not begin to make preparations , well they have until September 30.

      1. Yup moratorium ending too

        A lot of the girls been bragging about having to do little to no work and making a “fortune” hope they had the taxes being taken out lest they owe big 2022

        And everyone is so mad that life is humbling these people but weren’t mad at the deluded sense of grandeur they were presenting all 2020/21

        We see who chuckling now

        Oh well least they got to stunt and take a couple flights and cute pics and have a first taste of clout while it lasted

        Uh oh get ya ass up – Nicki

  9. I hope they have a plan. Adult content is what made them popular. The people that run these digital companies are so out of touch. These types of decisions don’t usually end well for them….. Ask Tumblr lol

      1. Tumblr was such a good time!! I wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter does the same thing 🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. Their plan is to basically become Patreon. It won’t work like how they think it will. There’s a reason why the Patreon user base is only fraction of what Onlyfans is.

    2. Heck, I hope the performers have a plan. If they were smart they put some coin aside in some investment accounts. The question is whether indeed or rentboy will see an influx of applicants.

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