the one character and i are always going at it

i’m always getting into it with this kind of irl character.
i usually get along well with most folks,
but there is always this one type that i often bump heads with.
the smell of their bullshit wafts around them that it’s often hard to ignore.
not only do i bump heads with them,
but i’m attacked and shunned by their closest dick suckers.
usually sucking one dick for clout,
the bag,
or cause they “cute”.
that is…
their types are

The highly charismatic jackals (male or female) with personality disorders.

their image is everything to them.
for whatever reason,
i can see through their fakeness when others can’t.
the moment you get into it with them,
everyone will either run to their defense or will drag you to the gates of hell.

In a group that I associate in,
I called out this one jackal and his fan club dragged me for him.

He ended up dropping them for his new girl,
who ended up being a bigger she jackal than he ever was.
He ended up getting dropped and embarrassed in the end.

i’ll tell others how they’ve treated me but they don’t believe it.

“OMG what?
She was always so kind to me!
Are you sure you didn’t do something?” – a real sentence from a real minion

they have to try ruining my reputation to throw folks off their scent.
sometime in the future,
once i’ve moved on and ignored their existence:

They get exposed in some way.

…and it’s always some juicy expose too.
the bodies they thought were buried rose from the dead like a zombie outbreak.
everyone who was once a minion of theirs either:

Doesn’t want to apologize and shun me like I still did something wrong
Wants to kiss my ass and trash the jackal since they didn’t have the balls before

they’ll say some shit like:

“I didn’t like how they treated you.
It was really fucked up.
I’m so glad the truth finally came out.”

i get the tea and give them back the cup once they’re done.
they can keep it.
they chose to bully or treat me like shit for someone else so that’s an auto L.
i don’t hang with or fuck losers.
learn discernment.

lowkey: this is why i stay objective with everyone.

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  1. Just put someone on “Do Not Reply”. Thanks Jamari!

    Your blog is like walking past church on Sunday. You may not have been planning on attending, but the part of the message meant for you will find its way to your ears.

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