nivea adds “i was in love with the personal trainer” to her new album playlist

nivea is a mess.
she is always in something when it comes to the male species.
i always liked some of her past songs,
but never was interested in a full album purchase.
i don’t know what nivea has been doing these days,
but for the latest scandal,
it seems to involved “his good dick“.
this is who the alleged good dick was attached to:

darrell patterson aka @iamtherealdp,
a personal trainer down in atl.
wasn’t he allegedly doing personal training with steven beck at one point?
nivea decided to share about her situation with him via ig stories

so she got everyone’s attention with this ig story:

cue: don’t mess with my man” on youtube.

i guess this is a reverse of that song.
so her first mistake was admitting she messed with someone’s wolf.
she proceeds to reveal this:

so he decided to respond back to her on his ig stories:

so nivea decided to one up even further with the alleged texts:

not her cat was that wet.
it seems like he was giving her serious rounds of workouts.
it had him sprung on “her good pussy” too.

some personal trainers love fuckin’ their clients.
i know of one who is allegedly fuckin’ his client.
he is in a relationship with kids too.
that “personal training” job,
to some,
can be a front for prostitution.

so dp was correct in his statement.
he admitted that nivea knew about his baby mama and wasn’t leaving her.
nivea wasn’t done with her exposure:

so from the whatsapp message,
i’m kinda confused with this “love” talk.
it seems like she thought she found the one who was “unhappy” in his relationship.
judging from his ig,
he never kept his relationship a secret with his baby mama:


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like most males in these dead end relationships with a child(ren) involved,
he’s in a situationship.
they complain but still enjoy breeding this person.
i mean her friend had a lot to font about them too:

it seems he is trying to gaslight nivea too.
he inflitrated her head and bawdy:


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…and because it seems she has low self esteem,
it was easy to make her “fall in love“.

If you aren’t strong enough to be a hoe,
stick to the rivers and lakes you’re used to.

real hoes leave all emotions at the door and get “his good dick”.
they don’t care about who he is with.
they sneaky link and collect their orgasms #respectfully.
a lot of folks,
including gay males,
fall for jackals like this and always end up being hurt.
imagine meeting someone like dp and he’s dl and going hard for that tail?

good sex to lonely folks always leads to emotions down the road.
stay woke.

lowkey: i won’t lie to you,
dp is kinda fine and so are his wolf pack…


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it’d be hard not to take a ride on that penis.
dp seems to come with good dick and intoxicating words.
those are the dangerous ones.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “nivea adds “i was in love with the personal trainer” to her new album playlist”

  1. I have never heard of nivea being a mess and always in something. For the most part she has been relative quiet up until recently when she was on that BET reality show.

  2. I mean how old are they again! The social media arguing & exposing is so played out, move tf on! At least have some dignity if not for yourself for the sake of the kids!

    1. ^ill tell my friends the dick had me walking upside down because dude turned me tf out,
      but to admit it had you crying in front of your kids and ex?

      poker face at all times.

      1. That part! I also get the feeling they ain’t done fucking either! From reading the messages she had good 🐱, he had good 🍆, she caught feelings & he was saying what she wanted to hear to get the 🐱. Plain and simple!

        1. ^im sure he is gonna fuck her again.
          they are human and it seems they got emotionally attached.

          that’s the worst when you get emotionally attached in situations like this.
          i told y’all that’s the most powerful connection of them all.

          1. He should have been upfront about what their situation was. He knew what it was, and she thought it was something different. Something tells me she would be ok with being the side piece of he treated her like wifey. So yes he they will get back together, her kitty is too good and he seems to like her, and she likes his eggplant, body, and workouts too much to stay away.

  3. Lil Wayne and T.I. have so much to answer for with karma. They both ruined the careers of female artists who were bigger than them at the time with some D.

    Nivea and Tiny need intense therapy and self-love.

      1. Her story was sad because she talked about running away at 15/16 with a 30 year old manager against her parents will and the man basically pimped her
        She even mentions he had a male friend rape her against a car and it led to her promiscuity
        It’s all in her kandi interview

          1. Bet should swoop her up and give her a show about getting her life together. She is so likeable (like a black Britney spears) that you want to route for her.

  4. at this point i have to ask which personal trainers is steven beck not involved with?
    he’s clearly a madame.

  5. I didn’t know she switched trainers. I knew she was getting personal training from Antonio Forever_mistah for a minute.

    1. Every time I see him I think of a poster on here saying they met him and his breath was notably horrific

      See that’s why u never can get too excited about social media niggas

    1. No disrespect to Nivea but I’m far more interested in how these “personal Trainers” create and support their lifestyles. You look at their social media and it’s big houses, super expensive cars, clothes, and the usual stereotypical things to show flashiness. I just don’t believe there’s that much personal training in Atlanta to bring in the necessary income, or could it be that California and New York are so expensive and Atlanta is cheap?

      1. Well when you lease cars and live off women you’re training. It’s not hard . Many of these men are in child support rears .

  6. I’ve been having my eye on him since HouseWives of Atl when he was Porsha’s personal trainer. DP is one attractive man 😍😍😍

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tapped Porsha too. Porsha has a thing for big D (Bolo)…and DP got a big one.

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