governor greg abbott in texas don’t have to wear a mask since he’s jabbed tf up

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i don’t know how the foxhole down in texas and florida do it.
their states are run by idiots.
it’s so weird that we are in a global pandemic,
but they are pushing to be maskless like this is 2019.
both states are in a shithole of a mess due to their leadership.
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texas governor,
greg abbott,
ended up getting the rona and it felt like karma.
he must be asymptomatic because the next day,
he was at a banquet like he had no fucks to give.
all these boomers in one room,
no masks or social distancing.

what bugged me was this tweet about his recovery process

what bugged me is that this jackal is telling folks to not wear masks,
but once he got the rona,
he was good since he is triple jabbed up.

I need ya’ll not to listen to the government and do what you need to do to protect yourselves.

our leadership in this country sucks.
i don’t know what they were thinking telling folks to not mask up.
honor system,
my muhfuckin’ ass.
i don’t trust anyone to fuck raw let alone not wear protection on their face.
in new zealand,
they just put the country in lockdown over one rona case:

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a nationwide lockdown after the country confirmed one coronavirus case — the first locally transmitted Covid-19 case in the community since February.

Ardern told a press conference Tuesday authorities were assuming it was the contagious Delta variant, although genome sequencing is still underway.

New Zealand will be under the strictest level lockdown level for the next three days starting from 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, local time, Ardern said. Under level four lockdown, everyone must stay home and businesses are closed aside for essential services such as supermarkets and pharmacies.

…yet folks out here,
especially in texas,
complaining their freedom is compromised by wearing masks.

Imagine white folks talking about THEIR FREEDOM being compromised?

the jokes.
stay safe out here everyone.
if you choose not to be jabbed,
mask up and social distance.
better yet,
stay your ass in the crib.
those who are jabbed,
follow the same rules since you can still catch it too.
stay woke.

lowkey: as i fonted,
we should have still been in lockdown until every state was leveled.
too bad we all act like different countries within one.

article cc: cnn

4 thoughts on “governor greg abbott in texas don’t have to wear a mask since he’s jabbed tf up

  1. That pie headed bitch is not sick. That is a publicity stunt to deter attention from the fuck boy fuck up she has made of Texas. That is just a damn lie, that Motherfuckster of course, is asymptomatic. Aren’t most rich people. D Trump Jr, Stephen Miller, and the list goes on. Remember when Giuliani had prostate cancer? His ass is too sloppy for prostate cancer. His anal walls consumes tumors and hemorrhoids.
    Ron DeSantis will be next, then Tate Reeves and Bill Lee.
    People are literally throwing kids into fires for this bullshit American right to contrariness. It is so sick. These politicians and local pussy assed cunts school officials have hands so bloody: yet they lose absolutely no sleep. This is State Sanctioned Euthanasia. Sickos

  2. Yeah New Zealand don’t play with Covid. They locked down super heavy when the panini first hit and made EVERYONE coming into the country quarantine. But their numbers of cases were some of the lowest cause they took it seriously.

  3. Not available to the public. I heard that the slites took a different shot and now I believe it.

    This is so odd. He literally doesn’t care about spreading it to those…who would vote for him.

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