the music made the demon do it

there are some real demons out here.
often times,
we see them in action via social media.
they’re on video doing the wildest shit.
^that demon did the unthinkable to a teenager on thursday morning…

Arizona law enforcement officials arrested a man who allegedly killed an innocent teenager in a brutal stabbing early Thursday morning. Although the teen didn’t know the suspect or apparently do anything to his alleged killer, authorities say the man committed the fatal act simply because he felt threatened by the music the teen was playing.

On Thursday, police in Peoria, Ariz. charged 27-year-old Michael Paul Adams with the first-degree, premeditated murder of 17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin. According to the Arizona Republic’s review of court documents, Adams allegedly slit the boy’s throat and stabbed him with a pocketknife at a Peoria Circle K gas station.

Superior court records say Adams told investigators that he felt threatened by the hip-hop music the teen was playing—not the teenager himself—explaining that people who play rap music are a threat to him and his community. Adams reportedly said he was being “proactive, not reactive” because the musical genre makes him feel “unsafe” after rap music listeners attacked him in the past.

shit like this is scary af.
these demons are everywhere and it takes one slight thing to provoke them.
someone will just kill you because they think you’re a threat.

What are we to do?

i just don’t have any more ideas to avoid demons anymore.
stay in the house?
we can’t become hermits out of fear.
i guess we have to live each day like our last every time we walk out the door.
may elijah al-amin rip and may the demon rot.

article cc: the root

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “the music made the demon do it”

  1. And yet they try to portray us as the evil, vicious, and violent ones.
    Love to see how this one plays out in court. This man wanted to kill someone, and was looking for an excuse to do so.

    1. What gets me is when they compare us to apes, chimps, and monkeys when they’re the ones with the thin ass lips with wrinkles above. Their president looks like an overgrown orangutan!

  2. I just watched an interview with Elijah’s mom on the news.She mentioned that he worked at Subway and Taco Bell to save up the money to buy his car.I guess he was playing his music in his car outside the store. He would have been a high school senior when school starts.

    Of course the murderer’s lawyer claims he suffers from mental illness.

    RIP Elijah

  3. Wow! They will come up with anything to get away with murdering black people and they usually do get away with it. SMH Im so fed up with hearing these stories keep happening and nobody seems to give a damn. Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, I mean, I can be here all day typing names. Enough’s a freaking ‘nough!

  4. The deceased happened to be a biracial, light skinned young man. It just goes to show, now matter how light or mixed someone is, they’re still not white and still a target. I’m glad that piece of shit is in prison where he belongs.

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