Here Little Demon, Demon (Drink This Benadryl and Wait 5 Minutes)

demonic jackals come in many shapes and sizes.
that creature who just shot up the high school in florida is one.
that orange sludge who is running this country to hell is another.
i’m about to show the foxhole a little one i saw today.
this one was left to run wild on an 8 hour flight.
this is up close and personal footage with a mini…

are his eyes black in that screen shot in the video?
i cannot STAND bad ass cubs and the parents who birthed them.

there is no reason that demon was out of control like that.
she talking about turn the wifi on to get the ipad going.
clearly the ipad isn’t doing a good job as a stand in parent.
if that was me on that flight,
i’d want a full refund for my pain and suffering.
no way should they have dealt with that without compensation.
if i decide to bring cubs in this world…


when i do the “stare of medusa’s rage” on his/her ass:

they will turn to stone and tighten the fuck up.

lowkey: ya’ll know if you was on that flight,
you would be complaining up a storm.

8 thoughts on “Here Little Demon, Demon (Drink This Benadryl and Wait 5 Minutes)

  1. Hmpf! More like, “here lil demon demon, I’m bout to drag your ass to the lavatory, whip this belt off with the quickness, and beat u like Kunta done kissed a Becky!”

      1. I had a similar situation a few years ago. I was seated next to the grandparents of a kid that would not stay in his seat. He kept going from our row back to the parents, the entire flight. He would start whining and kicking to go to the grandparents, then after a few minutes with the grandparents, he would start the same to go back to the parents.

        We kept hitting pockets of turbulence, and the pilot put the seat belt sign on, and of course the momma kept letting the kid go back and forth. One of the stewardesses came on the mic and said the seat belt sign is on, passengers should be in their seat with their seat belts on. Momma ignored her, and the little kid kept going back and forth. Finally the stewardess came over to the mother and told her the little boy has to be in a seat. Daddy wasn’t saying a word the entire time, all of a sudden wants to man up. He’s a little kid with a lot of energy. Yeah, but the seat belt sign is on dumb ass! They started giving the stewardess a hard time. God forbid something happened, they would’ve been trying to sue.

        I turned to my uncle and watch this. I called the stewardess over and said to her if you need corroboration let me know. I wanted the grandparents to hear, since they were closer. If looks could kill. LOL

        People should not have to got through nonsense like that. I would never put my hands on another person’s child, but I’ll give them the stare of death or mutter under my breath if they’re bad as hell. That just makes no sense, and you see why their kids knock their asses off or disrespect them so badly…because they don’t discipline them. In THAT situation, they’re making it uncomfortable for A LOT of people. Unacceptable.

        1. ^i had to look up “corroboration”
          i’ll be using that soon LOL

          if someone cursed her out because of her demon,
          they would be painted the victim.

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