Another Day; Another Mass Shooting

it’s getting to the point i’m not shocked anymore.
i have been desensitized.
there was another mass shooting today.
this time a high school in florida was the target of more senseless violence.
a 20 year old jackal,
who had nothing better to do,
walked into marjory stoneman douglas high in parkland; fl and started shooting.
we have seen and heard this story a few times before.
same shit; different killers.
it gets harder each time i have to report it.
the following video did disturb me to the point of tears today.
it was recorded on snapchat while the shooting was taking place…

starts @1:02

that is so fuckin scary.
those screams are haunting.
i can’t even imagine the terror in knowing he was right outside the door.
he could have walked in there to hide and blasted them all away.
i don’t even want to think about how traumatized those cubs are.
i loved reading how some were hiding in closets and in the gym.
others put paws to pavements and ran to the walmart next door.
you always gotta be on:

“that pineapple gotta find my ass first!!!!”

fuck that.
there are 17 victims in this tragedy.
i send foxhole prayers to the loved ones who lost someone today.
this is getting ridiculous.
i am shook to even go see “black panther” as i don’t know what to expect.
stay safe out here foxhole.
know your exits and keep your phone charged.
you know when you’ll be up for “survive the killing jackal”.
i love you all.

lowkey: for those who need to get it together…


don’t even let me find out you don’t have your shit in order.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “Another Day; Another Mass Shooting”

  1. You know Jamari, I just can’t help to think that if the shooter had been black, he would have been shot dead. This mothfucka deserves to die!! My heart goes out to the families of the fallen ones.

    1. ^oh he would have been a goner,
      but you barely hear black folks doing this.
      every situation is white or another race.
      the other races kill themselves before we can see what happens.

  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families. Just terrible. This hits close to home because it happened just a county south of where I live

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