Jeffrey from #LHHMIA Gives A Damn Good Facial

^he looks like someone in this picture.
i’m trying to figure out who…
i’m so bad at reality tv tho.
i haven’t watched #lhhmia since the second episode.
i know!
i know!
as the foxhole knows,
jeffrey caught my eye…

…and you knew an entry was on the way.
well the foxhole sent me on the trail of jeffrey and…

…he is extremely handsome.
his smile is so beautiful and then add the dimples and eyes

his height is a hard on killer tho.
is it true his father is jt money?

that’s what i heard.
i didn’t get to see the drama that unfolded with him on the show,
but he gives me “a beautiful gay fuck boi”.
the type who is at every ribbon cutting,
will drive you crazy,
and have you fighting him in the bushes.
i like my wolves a lot more discreet,
but jeffrey is definitely someone to make out with ever so often.

lowkey: i caught his ex boyfriend’s interview on “the breakfast club”…

i thought it was interesting.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Jeffrey from #LHHMIA Gives A Damn Good Facial”

  1. Jeffrey is gorgeous! And I bet he has the prettiest ass and hole. 👅 He just looks like EVERYTHING on him tastes good

  2. Jeffrey Is a cutie! He gets his good looks from his Father, JT Money, who was a cutie back in the day. He was a member of the 90s Miami bass music group Poison Clan. Check out their video for “Shake whatcha mama gave ya” & ” Dance all nite”. I had a big crush on JT Money back in the day. He’s still handsome

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