Pastor’s Out Here Pushing Bentleys Now? (Oh Ok Then)

a bentley truck costs around 230,000.
that’s a down payment on a crib.
well a pastor in pittsburgh,
by the name of dr. william h. curtis,
allegedly owns a bentley bentayga.
a foxholer sent me how someone in his community decided to air him out

how much would the monthly payments be?
well into the 1,000 range?
why would he need a bentley anyway?
i wouldn’t have judged if he got a navi.
either way,
this should not be a shock or a surprise.
it’s all about the hustle.
some of these pastors want to live like baller wolves out here.
i bet his flock can’t even make the payments on their cars.
what’s wild is that same flock will defend his choice for that whip.
if they don’t give a fuck…

Why should we?

lowkey: these pastoring jackals be hood af too.
whoever took that picture better watch their backs.
you’ll be surprised how much goons pastors got.

x check out the bentley website for your estimate today!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Pastor’s Out Here Pushing Bentleys Now? (Oh Ok Then)”

  1. in all fairness most Pastors have atleast 2 other jobs contrary to what you see churches cannot afford to pay pastors and I know lots who have several degrees and make their money outside of the church

    1. Jamari you can’t even explain to these people that have Stockholm syndrome. If a pastor has multiple jobs, then why is he asking for money from the congregation for the non-profit? I bet the church is all raggedy along with no community programs but the pastors “fresh” tho. It’s a damn shame this religion was beat into our African ancestors, and now we give everything to defend. It amazes me how Our black people will tithe to a church but have a 500 Credit score and none of their kids have a college fund. JMO tho

  2. Yuo speak the truth! Some of them mofos are straight up gangstas behind all that “Christianity” they preach. Don’t get it twisted. I found out the new “bishop” (don’t you dare call him reverend or pastor) of the church I used to attend was a straight up thug that was in jail and everything. He got them people under a spell and can do no wrong. I just can’t understand it.

    So like you said, this man is out here driving a Bentley and members of his church may be struggling to make ends meet, but they will defend him! THAT’S the craziness of this. These guys are out here getting over, and the church gives them a pass. Nah, I don’t play that. We are taught to forgive…but I don’t forget. And wrong is wrong, I’m sorry. What is a Bentley going to do for you while your congregants are struggling.

    Creflo, Joel, and the many others that live lavishly while their congregants struggle, need a wake-up call. It’s disgusting. But that’s just me.

  3. I dnt know, it jus has never bothered me when i see pastors drive luxury cars, i mean they are human beings, prone to the same temptations and earthly desires as anyone else and if they have the money why not 🤷‍♂️ and people need to realize you dnt HAVE to give yur money to these people, what can they do? Kick u out of church? And if they did crack open a bible at hope and learn the word yourself

    1. It’s never bothered you, because our parents teach us not to question anything about religion and fear it. That’s why no one questions anything pertaining to the church. The white man put that fear into us during slavery and we have passed it down to our kids. I mean most of our parents don’t even know the history behind “Christianity” but yet know multiple sayings and verses in the Bible.

  4. Can we really call him a jackal tho? A lot of assumptions going on here. We don’t know how he paid for that. If he is just siphoning from the church then yeah but like Tony said there are a lot of pastors out here with 2 or more side jobs, and many are well paying. Just saying there’s a lot we don’t know. Remember what we say about social media being able to shape an view without showing everything.

  5. I happen to know him. Not only is his ministry VERY successful, but he and his wife both have other streams of income outside of his church and I don’t see what the big problem is. 🤷🏾‍♂️ You’re a fan of Bishop Jakes and he has a lot more in his garage than Curtis, but you still follow his ministry. What’s the difference?

    1. Then why does his members need to donate if he’s VERY successful lol. Why do most of the members live in the ghetto? Are they sending kids to college? Again what does the Bible say about greed? Why should he pass a collection plate around if he has access to MILLIONS? Oh that’s rightYou have been bred and raised to believe BS. We as black folks have no common sense and I mean all of us Africans included. Good job you all are doing just what the white folks taught us. They taught us religion but not common sense.

  6. Where did this model come from that pastors have to live broke down and that the church members have to also. It’s a myth. Join a church that uplifts you and that uplifts everyone and stop looking over your shoulder at what one has over another. If I went to your church and your pastor drove a volt, who cares? Is he teaching? Is he changing the community? Is he helping people live better? We need to refocus as a people….and so does the church to be fair.

  7. This isn’t really news. Eddie Long had a Bentley, a Range Rover, and a Hummer. Dolla has a Rolls Royce and a jet. It is what it is.

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