Jeffrey from #LHHMIA Gives A Damn Good Facial

^he looks like someone in this picture.
i’m trying to figure out who…
i’m so bad at reality tv tho.
i haven’t watched #lhhmia since the second episode.
i know!
i know!
as the foxhole knows,
jeffrey caught my eye…

…and you knew an entry was on the way.
well the foxhole sent me on the trail of jeffrey and…
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The Haves and The Have You Seen The Fine Cop?

drool much?
the problem i have is tyler perry always casts these fine wolves.
its hard to ignore his programming,
or writing,
when you are bombarded by all this deliciousness.
this time its the cop played by nicholas james
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(Gay?) Keep Having Sex With Females Until It Becomes You

carridefromhellive been wanting to talk about “the haves and have nots” all day.
i even wrote out my thoughts in an evernote on the way to work.
so last night was a powerful scene between veronica and jeffrey.
veronica decided to verbally abuse jeffrey about her constant fears that he is gay.
well she needs to be scared then.
he admitted he had sex with that vixen and hated it.
in a twist of fate,
she told him to “keep on fuckin’ females until he liked it”.
“mother of the year award” goes to…
i nearly threw up…
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“So Jeffrey, What Kind of Gay Are You?”

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 8.02.44 PM“jeffery what kind of gay are you?
so there are all kinds of gays in here.
so there are subcultures in the culture.
aaah i’ll teach you.
so you have the guys who are feminine over there.
then you have the butch ones who are over there.
then you have the butch queens.
and then you the queeeens.
which one are you?
you’re one of them jeffrey.
you’ll figure it out i guess.
okay maybe you’re right.
maybe there is a breed i don’t know about,
which is rare,
because i know and luhhhh the kids.”
– candace to jeffrey in the gay club, sabotage.
you know i vomited at that scene right?


any thoughts on poor jeffrey’s first night at the gay club?

Jeffrey Is “Hot ‘N’ Juicy” All Over

wellhellothere“well what do we have here?

how are you?
my name is jamari fox.
you’ve probably heard of me.
i think you missed a spot drying yourself off.

maybe i can assist…”
an f-bi hit me up asking me if i saw “have and have nots” last night.
i wasn’t in the mood,
but i decided to watch it just now.
so i ended up pausing it because i had to run over here…
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