(Gay?) Keep Having Sex With Females Until It Becomes You

carridefromhellive been wanting to talk about “the haves and have nots” all day.
i even wrote out my thoughts in an evernote on the way to work.
so last night was a powerful scene between veronica and jeffrey.
veronica decided to verbally abuse jeffrey about her constant fears that he is gay.
well she needs to be scared then.
he admitted he had sex with that vixen and hated it.
in a twist of fate,
she told him to “keep on fuckin’ females until he liked it”.
“mother of the year award” goes to…
i nearly threw up…

i like veronica.
well i liked…
she had the best one liners once “roni from chitown” came out.
that scene had me in my feelings last night tho.
besides seeing my benny’s fine weird ass,
all i could think about was the words veronica launched at jeffrey.
it was like venom.
i even got a text from a vixen friend of mine about it.
she was shocked at what she witnessed.
i replied my disgust.
the scene rang true for many of “us” out there.

i often wonder if things like that is how “down low” is even formed?
people can judge all they want,
but it often starts with a “veronica”.
some people may have the “family fairy tale”,
where they came out the closet and had a glass of milk with cookies.
others forgot they once were a “jeffrey”.
being whipped and scolded if they did anything remotely “feminine”.
it brings about a fear of having any kind of emotion.
watching family members talk about gays like dogs.
witch hunting.
the words “killing” and “disowning” being thrown around.
in fear of being “that”,
you try to emulate what the others boys do.
go through pussy like a tampon.
having random kids all over the place.
being a caricature of a “straight” man.
the person your very own “veronica” talked about.

tumblr_mz3og4Kmlu1rqs3gco1_400its fear.
its judgment.
that is down low.
it makes you get into fake relationships.
even marriage.
have some kids.
its fun being “straight” until you get that itch.
then you have two phones,
secret emails,
and a trail of hook up accounts.

“baby i’m going to go get some milk!’

man milk.

TcuJSNias much as they get on my nerves,
i often pity them.
they often try to get close to me in emails as well.
they see me as someone safe.
someone they could talk with.
even tho i live a pretty discreet life,
i accept it as i was once in their shoes.
i was scared of my parents.
i was programmed to be that way.

that episode was one of tyler’s best.
i love this new writing he is doing.
i am wayyyyyyyy over amanda.
i often imagine she shoots herself.
jim and candice are getting redundant.
hannah is annoying as hell,
but jeffrey and veronica?
there is something there.
something that some of “us” can relate.


16 thoughts on “(Gay?) Keep Having Sex With Females Until It Becomes You

  1. I had to stop watching during that car scene because I felt nauseous.I erased that episode from my DVR because I never want to see it again.What do you think of the light skinned gay guy?He reminds me of Chris the lawyer( Obama Jr) on LA Complex.Maybe brought on to help Jeffrey accept himself.

    1. Landon is the shit, reminds me of myself in a way. He definitely was brought on to help Jeffery. It looks like another gay guy might be added to the show as well.

  2. Dont like the character created for Jeffery. As someone said earlier, he is a fucking wimp, and Tyler is complicating this character is much, he is now hated by most gays, frankly Tyler’s gay are the worse in his series, no balls, gutless, no conviction and even have murder thoughts. Damn what a sad closet case. Says a lot about Tyler too. She is one dangerous queen.

  3. Jeffery really, really, really makes me sick.
    He is such a fucking wimp.
    He used to be fine, but now I’m: Ewwwwww

      1. I agree too. Homie is pathetic. Fuck that bitch. A woman who treats a child like that is not a mother. He needs to grow some balls and move out. I’m really getting sick of his passive ass storyline.

      2. I hate to say this, but Jeffery is a faggot. And it pissing me off. Like I don’t understand why he scared of her and please don’t tell me it about the car because first of all everyone knows it was a white guy and the sketch looks exactly like Wyatt. Either he’s really stupid or wimp or just both.

        1. ^lol!
          are you guys being a little hard on Jeffrey?
          doesn’t that woman have that car in her possession?
          yes he needs a backbone,
          but his mother obviously intimidates him.
          not that one dude tho.
          he was ready to work her out

  4. That scene was sad. Most guys go through situations like his. If you can’t get your peen up, just let it go. These females will rat a dude out if she is standing in front of him naked and he ain’t even hard. Jeffery is grown, and he should be able to live life the way he wants, but he doesn’t have all the tools to survive on his own. However, if you have your own house, own car, and have your own money, you don’t have to please no one but yourself. That’s my take on it. .

    1. I don’t watch the show but if he couldn’t get his penis erect how did he have sex? You’re right about girls calling dudes out for not getting it up though. What’s interesting though I read somewhere 20% of men under 30 have had an issue maintaining erections. So it shouldn’t be that unusual.

    2. Hell, if I was Jeffrey I would be making moves even if he didn’t have a degree. If he knew better his car involvement makes Veronica an accessory. Candace was the best thing in his life.

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