So August Alsina Pipe Too Big For Drillin’?

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 9.49.30 PMwell i didn’t say it.
i don’t “do” big dicks anyway.
so august allegedly to’ up some groupie’s coochie.
usually that’s a good thing,
well in this case,
she is not happy at all.
matta face,
she is suing him

I wanted to put [R&B singer] August Alsina ON BLAST, and I’m thinking about suing him for hurting me. He ripped my ( x cervix ).

It’s a long story, but August reached out to me on Instagram, after he saw some of my bikini photos. It started off as innocent flirting. I wasn’t even convinced it was really him. There are a lot of catfishes outchea LOL.

Anyway, a few months back, he asked me to to fly to Virginia to his concert. He said that we could hang out after. He didn’t pay for the flight, but he left me tickets and backstage passes which was nice of him.

oprah-19After the concert he was acting real nice. He introduced me as his girlfriend to everyone there. I felt so special. We went out to a club for about an hour. He held my hand for the whole night. I was in heaven.

When we went back to his hotel it was ON. I admit I was the aggressor at first. We kissed hard and I practically ripped his clothes off literally. He got into it and let me play rough with him. But when I took off his underwear LAWD JESUS I didn’t know d*kcs like that existed. No lie MTO that thing has to be a foot long and thick. It looks like a bottle of Febreze.

When I saw his thing I was like whoa, you’re going to have to go slow with that. He did at first. It hurt at first. Then I started loving it. After a while he started going in real deep, he pumping me and putting all his weight behind it. It felt good until I felt a pop. Somehow his big d*ck hit something he shouldn’t. I felt so much pain my legs started shaking.

I swear it must have happened to him before because he immediately stopped and started asking if I was OK. I told him I was, but I wasn’t because blood was dripping out of me and I couldn’t walk. He had his security team drive me to the hospital and I was there for 4 days with a ruptured cervix. Doctors say that I lost so much blood that I could have died.

Now I’m considering suing August for my pain and suffering. He’s been cool about everything but I think I should be compensated for being injured like that. He should be more careful with that thing in his pants.

August-Alsina-image-august-alsina-36810519-200-250is this an april…
in july,
fool’s joke

i mean…
whats the charge?
assault with a deadly penis?
you know what bothered me about the whole story?
she flew somewhere on her dime.
i nearly stopped reading that fan fiction because of that.
if ima be travelin’ butt cheeks,
ima need that ticket sent to my passbook on my iphone.
backstage passes and a mangled pussy?
sad day for her.

lowkey:august puttin a hurtin’ on coochie for sport,
yet no word about trey songz and his monster penis.

story found: MTO

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “So August Alsina Pipe Too Big For Drillin’?”

  1. Why must I cry, much like this R&B Bad Boy, this story is RATCHET AF! Our ancestors are silently weeping at the level of Fuckery their great great great grandchildren are displaying in modern times. Driver roll up the partition please, because I cant with these thirsty ass groupies, but all jokes aside he is from the N.O. its something in the water down there and he just has that look like sex with him would be the bomb, never really knew who he was until I saw him featured here at the Foxxhole, but with a cute face and a BIG Penis he is sure to go far in the industry.

    1. How did you go from talking about how the ancestors are looking…then start talking about his…you are double minded & confused, just stop it please!

  2. So she complaining about him having a big penis…I guess. Now if it was little, she would still be complaining. I don’t get it.

  3. Nothing upsets me than a damn hoe exaggerating on a niggas dick. Shevdont know a big dick if she was hit with a log. She is a lying bitch. That boys dick aint that big and frankly for her to lose so much blood there would have been other drama and people involved. TMZ would have carried that story if it were true. Lying nasty pussy, hate them bitches.

  4. J i still on she had to pay for her own ticket,he asked and you paid nope sounds fake to me. He left tickets bitch he got those free. smh

  5. Will somebody please show this buffoon to the exit. Probably had no cervix to rupture in the first place.

  6. Next time bite on a pillow and throw it back at him. That’s what I do with my dude makes it less painful and after while he starts runnin..lls

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