White Gays Found Out Having Ratchet Coochie Is Better

time-magazine-logowell i didn’t say it.
TIME magazine did.
matta fact it was black female writer,
sierra mannie,
who addressed all the white gays who act like culture vultures in TIME.
culture vultures being:

“uh huh!
no you dih’ntttttttt”

basically being a over ratchet caricature of a black vixen.
the one from the hood with 3 kids from 3 different baby daddies,
name starts with some variation of “la”,
and has various hair colors within the weave.
here is a snippet of what was said…

You are not a black woman, and you do not get to claim either blackness or womanhood. There is a clear line between appreciation and appropriation

I need some of you to cut it the hell out. Maybe, for some of you, it’s a presumed mutual appreciation for Beyoncé and weaves that has you thinking that I’m going to be amused by you approaching me in your best “Shanequa from around the way” voice. I don’t know. What I do know is that I don’t care how well you can quote Madea, who told you that your booty was getting bigger than hers, how cute you think it is to call yourself a strong black woman, who taught you to twerk, how funny you think it is to call yourself Quita or Keisha or for which black male you’ve been bottoming — you are not a black woman, and you do not get to claim either blackness or womanhood. It is not yours. It is not for you.

At the end of the day, if you are a white male, gay or not, you retain so much privilege. What is extremely unfairly denied you because of your sexuality could float back to you, if no one knew that you preferred the romantic and sexual company of men over women. (You know what I’m talking about. Those “anonymous” torsos on Grindr, Jack’d and Adam4Adam, show very familiar heterosexual faces to the public.) The difference is that the black women with whom you think you align so well, whose language you use and stereotypical mannerisms you adopt, cannot hide their blackness and womanhood to protect themselves the way that you can hide your homosexuality. We have no place to hide, or means to do it even if we desired them.

i found this entire article funny actually.
don’t some black vixens do the same with black gay males?
stealing their mannerisms and lingo?
trying to get the gossip and out private and discreet wolves?
so basically they got a taste of their own medicine?

beyonce-2…sounds like it.
well there is a lot of culture vulturing going on via the black community.
miley cyrus and iggy azalea being perfect examples.
this shouldn’t a surprise in 2014.
personally i also seen white snow foxes acting like hood rats.
not classy educated black vixens either.
mainstream ratchet puss.
smoke a blunt before,
and after sex
type of puss.

there is one at my job who has it down to a science.
i ignore his life heavy,
but i can’t ignore his voice.
thing is,
the black vixens at work eat him up.
they already claimed him as “one of them”.
he can recite anything from #loveandhiphop / #rhoa anything.
of course he only messes with black wolves as well.
ones who seem to eat him up.
he ain’t even from new yawk.
lives in some nice neighborhood down in the village.
never grew up in the hood.
literally from idaho or some far off land and shit.

beyonce-responds-to-pepsi-lets-move-campaignas long as they continue to do this,
and get passes because its “cute” or they are “down” with us,
no one should really get mad at all.
see: all the black wolves who chase bieber’s butthole.
don’t be mad now.

read the full time magazine article: HERE

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “White Gays Found Out Having Ratchet Coochie Is Better”

  1. I read the article and I thought it was extremely offensive. I hope it actually isn’t going to be printed in Time magazine. This story was awful! We as a society and country have enough to worry about than worrying about a white gay man who acts like a stereotypical black woman. She should give it a rest and stop worrying about how others choose to express themselves. This is 2014. We as American citizens do have the right to act the way we want.

    1. ^a majority of nosy black women only care about everything other than that.
      maybe she is addressing “her” audience of black women?
      not every black woman is terrible,
      but a majority contradict themselves as soon as it comes to gay society.

  2. I don’t agree with her addressing the culture vultures in that manner. She should’ve just kept it classy and ignored. However, I really applaud her for calling out them dl snow foxes and wolves as I’ve seen black women claim that only black men are dl and ignore signs of men from other races. Saying things like he is so and so, so he can’t be gay. For example, these two middle eastern dudes are always together. BW will go and say they stick together. On the other hand let two black men do it she will try to say they dl, harrass and out them to anyone whom will listen. Why are people so hypocritical? Don’t even get me started on that white dude that was twerking in the locker room. The comments from sites frequently visited by black females were cheering him on while on the other hand always calling black men suspect over the dumbest things. J you are right they let it go on for a while now them dudes are showing they ass the finger now they up in arms.

  3. I’ve never seen it.

    I guess it’s because I don’t hang around many gay men, much less white gay men.

    Sounds like a spectacle though.

    White people have always taken pleasure in mimicking what they presume to be stereotypical black people behavior. I side eye the black people that befriend those types and don’t check them and let them believe they get a pass.

    1. @JAY it’s so true. It happens a lot in the work place. The black women and men are so naive and befriend these men and women and then they finally see how supportive they really are. Then they have the nerve to call him a F&!. I just laugh as we can be so ignorant when it comes to sophisticated shade thrown by other races. It’s not appreciation, it’s more like mocking and disrespect. J I don’t give those that live in the hood passes either.

  4. reminds me of your recent entry on Bevy Smith and her “appropriating” black gay culture, then trying to distance herself from those very same people she’s “vulturing”

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