I Just Need 10 Good Minutes

tumblr_m1xau8TyfQ1qdomilo1_500i told myself don’t do it.
i said it on the way to my crib.
i said to myself:

when you get in the house,
go and write.
don’t go in there and be ratchet.

…and what i do?
you know what i did

i come in,
saw my bed,
thought i could do a 10 minute nap,
and everything would be aiiiighhhht!
well when my alarm didn’t go off in 10 minutes and i woke up like dis

Quinn-Gif-quinn-fabray-19252150-450-258…at 1030pm,
i was sorta pissed.
i got so tired today at work by 330pm.
no reason at all.
hell everyone was complaining they were tired.
it was to the point that i started fallin’ asleep at my desk.
now i’m up,
and i need to cut this shit out.
i really wanted to go to bed at a decent time tonight.
i have a deadline to get done by tomorrow afternoon.
jesus be a sleeping pill or a heavy dose of jackin’ off.
lemme go overdose on chamomile tea and see what happens.

lowkey: watch when i go wash my face,
any sign of sleep might as well be over.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “I Just Need 10 Good Minutes

  1. Yea I feel you. I hate falling asleep early and waking up later. It usually takes me a couple of hours to fall back to sleep.

  2. This is how it is for me all the time between work and school I hate it I don’t know the word map anymore

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