Who Knew Taking A Nap While Being Black Was A Crime Too?

this is the type of shit i talk about…
when i went to the pretty vixen’s new spot,
some of the whites were giving us the evil eye in the elevator.
the look on their faces was “why are they here?”.
i know we can’t throw them all in a box,
but you gotta watch your whole back while being black.
so ^that white she jackal in the picture above had a problem.
she saw a black vixen napping and decided to called the cops.
what she didn’t know was via “the grio”
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Does Your Insurance Cover “Auto Pilot Napping”?


nice car,
well it’s a telsa model s.
it also comes with an auto pilot feature.
that means the car will drive on it’s own while you:

take selfies/videos for snapchat
pass the hot sauce around for your fast food
get road dome while on a long ride home

the possibilities are endless!
well this one driver of the telsa model s decided to try something else.
an f-bi sent me this and well…
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