Who Knew Taking A Nap While Being Black Was A Crime Too?

this is the type of shit i talk about…
when i went to the pretty vixen’s new spot,
some of the whites were giving us the evil eye in the elevator.
the look on their faces was “why are they here?”.
i know we can’t throw them all in a box,
but you gotta watch your whole back while being black.
so ^that white she jackal in the picture above had a problem.
she saw a black vixen napping and decided to called the cops.
what she didn’t know was via “the grio”

Black Yale teaching fellow Lolade Siyonbola says her white neighbor took the extreme measure of calling the police when she fell asleep in the common area of the building where they both live.

Siyonbola uploaded two videos to Facebook. One showed the neighbor filming her and telling Siyonbola that the common room is not for sleeping. The other video was of her interaction with police once they arrived.

Siyonbola captioned both videos with “This “person” called the cops on my friend a few months ago for getting lost in my building. Today she messed—again—with the wrong one.”

“Messed with the wrong one” indeed. According to her LinkedIn profile, Siyonbola is on the advisory board of Black Women’s Blueprint, which she describes as “Meaningful work around demanding accountability for the injustices served to Black Women.” She is also the co-founder of  the Yale African Graduate & Professional Students organization.

From her background, she seems well-equipped to have this situation addressed in the proper channels.

i was getting so tite while watching that video.
from that snow she jackal’s passive aggressiveness,
to the hunters being complete dicks,
that whole situation is a teachable moment
i applaud that black vixen for staying calm.
God has clearly worked on her.
i don’t think i would have been that calm,
even though i should know better.
i have to remember they will shoot you.
i’m glad she turned her fb live on to broadcast the whole thing.
what i’m learning is we have to also call the hunters on them too.
the moment they make us feel the slightest bit uncomfortable,
we should be reaching for our phones.
we need to start giving them a taste of their own medicine.
that or sue for emotional distress or whatever else you can find.
be diligent foxhole.
article cc: the grio

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Who Knew Taking A Nap While Being Black Was A Crime Too?”

  1. Yes..Always best toto ke calm(sometimes that don’t even work)…They WILL shoot you and when they do, it’s their words against yours….well, you’ll be dead so it’s their words against your body.

    Some of them snowmen do regard blacks as subhumans and you know they love to steal, kill and destroy…Jus saying..

  2. It is so draining as a POC to live in snow people world. We as POC are pretty much fucked in these United States especially by law enforcement. They will never push for any kind of reform because they use law enforcement as a tool to keep POC in their place. They dont call on us because they are in any danger, they call to let us know they can. We live in two different America’s and now that Orange Satan is in control, the snow people want to make sure that we suffer because they are still pissed a Black man was able to govern them for 8 years. Although they have nothing and will suffer, they at least have the privilege of white skin and are able to use the police as their personal petty vindictive force against POC. These racist piece of shits are coming out of the woodwork to claim their place at the table to put us all in our place. They are vile nasty pieces of work who dont give a shit about anybody but themselves and they will continue to live in a world they can assert their white supremacy over us all and our government who are made up of 90 percent snow people is not going to do anything of significance to stop them. We are on our own, so I would suggest anyone to stop sleeping with the enemy none of them mean us any good and none of them are going to give up the privilege their white skin affords them to make POC life any better. I hope this racist ugly bitch suffers a backlash like others who have been caught on tape being vile hateful humans.

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