Does Your Insurance Cover “Auto Pilot Napping”?


nice car,
well it’s a telsa model s.
it also comes with an auto pilot feature.
that means the car will drive on it’s own while you:

take selfies/videos for snapchat
pass the hot sauce around for your fast food
get road dome while on a long ride home

the possibilities are endless!
well this one driver of the telsa model s decided to try something else.
an f-bi sent me this and well…

This guy is way ahead of us, and was caught on camera taking a solid power nap behind the wheel of his Tesla Model S with the car on autopilot, in heavy traffic mind you. Some may call it dangerous, others may call it genius and innovative. We all need that extra rest on the way to work or on the way home in heavy traffic, so to me this seems like a plus for society in general. The Model S after all was designed to be the safest sedan on the road, and I don’t see video of this guy crashing. Do you? Thought so.

Safe and stress free is Tesla’s autopilot philosophy. Does he look stressed to you? Once again, thought so. The mode is capable of traffic-aware cruise control, steering within a lane, avoiding collisions thanks to digital control of motors and brakes, and preventing the car from wandering off the road. It looks like it’s doing its job in this video.

pi would be wayyyyyyyyyy too shook to even try that.
that snow wolf is passed out.

what if he missed his exit?
what if the fridge falls off the moving truck?
what if the deer decides to play “suicide” to get to the other side?

if i got all these questions,
you know it’s a “ehhhhhhh i’m good” for me.

What about you?

the telsa model s is currently starting at 80,000*.
not bad!

order yours and pick me up for a ride: telsa motors


article taken: ny daily news

9 thoughts on “Does Your Insurance Cover “Auto Pilot Napping”?

  1. There’s a few other cars working on something like this. The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E class sedan, and the 2017 Volvo S90 has said they would be held responsible if their cars wrecked.

  2. The first time you test the autopilot, it’s stressful. But, after you watch it change lanes without you a couple of times, you relax a bit. I still couldn’t sleep behind the wheel. But, I can certainly imagine someone doing so.

  3. Driving daily gets on my nerve and people are crazy out here in the road enough. That video made me gasp.

  4. It has collision avoidance for the deer but everything else is plausible. Could you imagine if he wakes up and he is out of power (electric car)? The car does pull over to the side of the road and stop as well if the autopilot disengages and the driver doesn’t respond.

      1. The autopilot disengages when the computer can’t gather enough information from the sensors to keep it within a lane. When it disengages it beeps to alert the driver to take back control over the car. If the driver doesn’t after I believe the second warning it slows down to a stop. In the middle lane, I believe it would just stop and cars would have to go around it. The sensors and cameras on the car keep it from hitting stuff and also sense the cars around it. This car can literally change lanes, steer, accelerate, decelerate and brake all on it’s own. It you have adaptive cruise control with autopilot on, if a car is in front of you at a light, it will literally slow down to a stop and when the car in front of you starts going again, the car will begin to accelerate. It can read speed limit signs and adjust its speed. The only thing it can’t do yet is read traffic lights. When it is able to, you won’t even need a car in front of you.

      2. Wow! That’s fascinating! I’m going to do some research on this! I was wondering to myself: “I wonder what happens when this feature goes down? then what?” But you kinda answered that question. Someone taking a nap at the wheel is just taking advantage of the technology, not actually using it as a back up, that mentality just creates a whole host of problems and dangers. I think it’s a great feature for the responsible driver, but the idiots? I think even THEY will find a way to crash this car and take people’s lives, regardless of it’s safety features. You can’t save idiots from themselves!

        that being said, I would totally want a car with these features! xD

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