King James Cums Back

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 6.11.04 PMthe decision made round the world.
king james is going back to cleveland.
the mailroom wolves were all in a tizzy today.
i wonder if daniel gibson,
keyshia cole ex husband and ex teammate,
sent him a congratulations text?
i wonder how he feels going back to his past to start over?
the same city that bad mouthed him when dropped them?

when he left for miami,
the cleveland fans did not take his departure so lightly.
it takes guts to say he is going back.
plus can he even get a ring on his own?
without a super team to assist him?
this is going to be an interesting upcoming season.

lowkey: he should have come to new yawk.
that would have been fun.
next up: carmelo’s decision.

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Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “King James Cums Back”

  1. The decision shocked me. I did not expect it. I was hoping he would leave, but I thought he would stay lol. There is no place like home though. The fans in Cleveland will forgive him. LeBron returning makes up for him leaving. As he said, if he left Miami, there was basically one place he could go, Cleveland. If he planned to return, the time was now because the fans would have been angry if he returned at age 35 washed up and on his way out. The East Conference is now open again and up for grabs for any team.

    Melo is torn between, winning money, and the New York lifestyle. He is 30, and still in his prime, so the time is now for him as well. You know what they say, sometimes you have to sacrifice something for a bigger goal. Bulls give him the best change to win with Rose, Noah, and that defense, not to mention that he can still make a substantial amount of money. Hopefully he makes the right choice.

    1. ^melo should go.
      personally he isn’t happy here and probably wants a fresh start.
      the new yawk lifestyle got a hold of him tho.
      we will see what happens.

  2. Miami fans are behaving the same way Cleveland fans did except Cleveland had a reason to gripe because Lebron is an Ohio boy born and raised. Miami fans are a bunch of bandwagon fans that couldn’t even bother to stay the whole game and see if the Heat might’ve bounced back within the last few minutes. Cleveland, despite not having fancy beaches and sunny weather 24/7, does support their teams no matter what. They were still coming out in full force when the Cavaliers were having a constant losing streak. I bet Miami’s teams wish their residents supported their teams the same way Ohio does. We didn’t hear shit about the Dolphins because there wasn’t a Lebron caliber QB on the team to give them bragging rights for twitter. Cleveland supports the Browns even though no one likes them.

  3. ^miami def seems kind of fake.
    oh well.
    at least they got chris bosh.
    no word on dwyane…
    who is thinking of leaving and may head to the bulls.
    melo should head there too.
    i hate to think rose is over,
    but we shall see…

    1. Wade is NOT leaving. He’s def. coming back, and he was never really question. Miami is the only team who will pay him 20 million a year at his age with those knees. He only has a good two years left in him.

    1. Doesn’t matter if he’s a bust. White boys get chance after chance after chance, no matter how horrible they are. Tim Tebow got many chances despite the fact that it was proven time and time again that he sucked. There are white men who have had long NFL careers even though they’re moderate in skill level. Meanwhile a talented black player makes has to settle for playing in the D leagues or whatever they’re called. Same for black coaches that go from coaching a pro team one year, to coaching a high school team the next.

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