King James Cums Back

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 6.11.04 PMthe decision made round the world.
king james is going back to cleveland.
the mailroom wolves were all in a tizzy today.
i wonder if daniel gibson,
keyshia cole ex husband and ex teammate,
sent him a congratulations text?
i wonder how he feels going back to his past to start over?
the same city that bad mouthed him when dropped them?

when he left for miami,
the cleveland fans did not take his departure so lightly.
it takes guts to say he is going back.
plus can he even get a ring on his own?
without a super team to assist him?
this is going to be an interesting upcoming season.

lowkey: he should have come to new yawk.
that would have been fun.
next up: carmelo’s decision.

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