Lenny Kravitz Gets Some Leakage

Lenny-Kravitz-shared-close-upso lenny kravitz is next in line for some leakage.
so he was performing at a concert in stockholm monday night.
in popping a squat during a song,
his pants ripped and his pipe flew right out.
this is what happens when you wear nut huggers.
well the f-bi sent me the picture and well…
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So August Alsina Pipe Too Big For Drillin’?

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 9.49.30 PMwell i didn’t say it.
i don’t “do” big dicks anyway.
so august allegedly to’ up some groupie’s coochie.
usually that’s a good thing,
well in this case,
she is not happy at all.
matta face,
she is suing him

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Girl Gets Bullied So Bad That They Rip Her Hair Out Her Head

Screen_Shot_2013-10-29_at_9.10.17_AMthis is a sad one.
everyone meet aolani dunbar.
she was bullied so bad at school that they ended up snatching all her hair off her head.
an f-bi sent me this video and i couldn’t believe what i was watching…
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When A Break Up Goes Bad

tumblr_kocorlsjca1qzfy6zo1_400the best break up line you can tell your ex-boyfriend.
today an r&b singer and his partner broke up together.
guess who?…

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