Girl Gets Bullied So Bad That They Rip Her Hair Out Her Head

Screen_Shot_2013-10-29_at_9.10.17_AMthis is a sad one.
everyone meet aolani dunbar.
she was bullied so bad at school that they ended up snatching all her hair off her head.
an f-bi sent me this video and i couldn’t believe what i was watching…

The family of an 8-year-old Carroll County student said she was bullied so severely she had to be taken to the emergency room.

Dorris Bearden told Channel 2’s Carl Willis that her granddaughter’s hair was pulled so hard that her scalp ripped.

“They kept pulling it and pulling it, especially on the playground,” said third-grader Aolani Dunbar. “Everybody got a chance, and I was in the gazebo sitting there crying because I have no friends to play with that will protect me.”¬†

Now, there is a gaping wound on the crown of Dunbar’s scalp, and her head was shaved bald to avoid infection.

Her family said her schoolmates picked on her for two straight weeks because she got hair extensions.

Bearden said Aolani wanted long hair she could brush like the other girls.

“She steps in the door of that school and the first thing they do is attack her and start ripping her hair out,” said Bearden.

Aolani’s family told Willis that the girl suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, and that may have kept her from confiding in an adult earlier.

Bearden said she reported incidents to the principal as soon as she discovered the injury.

“When I saw just the horror of it, I just started to cry,” said Bearden. “I cried as I unbraided her hair and the hair fell out in my hands.”

Bearden said one child received an in-school suspension, but she said that punishment sends the wrong message.

Doctors said the little girl may never grow hair on the injured part of her scalp again and may need skin grafts, according to Bearden.

Aolani’s mother and even strangers who learned of the story on Facebook have shaved their heads so she doesn’t feel alone.

They’re also asking people to donate hair to Locks of Love so that they can make a wig for Aolani and other children in need.

Quinn-Gif-quinn-fabray-19252329-300-168how ignorant are those little brats?
all one got was suspended???
i would sue the FUCK out the families of the bullies.
to the point i would own their checks and lives.
“you work for me now bitches.
boot up the brats too.
they gonna have to pay off this lawsuit somehow.
next time you’ll keep your hands to yourself.”

ive been bullied as a kid so i know what its like.
 karma is one bitch who comes to collect tho.
either in a lawsuit,
their weight,
or good life decisions.

lowkey: bullied kids are always done right by god.
some are lucky to get good karma,
a smart mouth,
and a registered weapon to conceal in case of emergency.
sometimes you just gotta put that glock 9 on the table.

see more here: wsbtv

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Girl Gets Bullied So Bad That They Rip Her Hair Out Her Head”

  1. I wanna take a hammer and beat the shit out of those bullies make them cripple so they know what pain and suffering is.

  2. God, school sounds like she was to a Lion’s den where a pack of hungry Hyenas were waiting to attack.Who in the hell are the kid’s parents that did this to her.They should all be ashamed of themselves.

    Where I live, there was a story like this one but the girl killed herself.This just happened last month.She was only 12 years old.She climbed this very high platform thingy and jumped off.After they released the news of her suicide, her bullies were being smart asses on the internet, saying they didn’t care that she killed herself.

    I don’t why kids are getting more evil as the days pass.Clearly there needs to be some strong parenting.Kids are always a reflection of the people who raise them.

  3. First of all, she should not have been wearing weave, period. Yes she is a victim, but what parent in their right mind would buy an 8 year old extensions. Braids are cool, but extensions nah. She was way too young to be wearing those. I bet that didn’t even look right on her because she is a child.

    Now onto the bullies. Third graders engaging in this sort of behavior? This is blows the hell out of my mind. That’s crazy, and they know better. I know my generation was bad. Damn we did some shit, but never this vicious. Were those children possessed. The worst part is, the bullies will think it’s funny. What did that girl do to them so bad? NOTHING. Nowadays you don’t have to do anything. They single you out and that’s it.

  4. Damn this was hard to watch. “Man” I dont know where you live but young girls this age get extensions all the time, its not uncommon, now I didnt know that white females would get them, that is sort of a shock, but I have seen plenty of young black girls with braids and extensions. Whatever the case no one has the right to do a child like this. Of course we live in a world where the worst in human behavior is celebrated and also in these tough times, parents are so consumed with work, reality tv, and everything else but teaching children morals and values, but you cant teach what you dont have yourself. When people openly disrespect our President and try to bully him, the most powerful man in the world how do any of the rest of us stand a chance. Everyone is on edge and ready to go off and kids are seeing this with their parents and taking this behavior to school, and school officials are obviously turning their heads until something tragic happens.

  5. Let me say this ….as parent of a daughter I will fight a child or children about mine!…….administration is not doing anything AT ALL to combat the bullying hence why bad ass muthafuckin children keep doing what they are doing . I’d sue the school the city and the county maybe even the damn state plus every family of every child involved . That Lil girl will have a permanent scar imbedded in her scalp and memories for the rest of her life and I bet you the parents of them bad bastards are probably saying well kids will be kids !!! FOH!!!!… I’m whoopin every ass that’s involved until I feel my child is vilified . And if it was my child doing the bullying lets jus say she’d be a bald ass just like the Lil girl who is suffering …

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