why are ya’ll bullying britney spears?

 i was just listening to a britney spears record the other night too.

“now i’m stronnnnngggerrrrr than yesterdayyyyy…”

i got a soft spot for this one,
even though i don’t know what is going on with her.
it seems like folks have been bullying her on her ig.
folks have been talking about her recent pictures.
usually a quiet one,
she decided to respond to the backlash with this..

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some people can’t always fight their bullies and win in the end

ya know,
i thought bullying ended once i dropped outta high school.
i learned very quickly that it never ends.
there is no age limit for the bully.
bullies can be your boss,
certain fan bases of different female celebs,
or the rabid stans for “that jackal” in the white house.
is legit bullying folks online and it’s coming off as humor.
¬†maurice “reese him daddie” was caught on a viral video being bullied.
he was dating a transvixen and a pack of hyenas found out:


it didn’t end well via “aazios“…

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i wish nigel shelby got to read my font

what a handsome child.
his eyes and his smile are infectious.
he isn’t with us anymore.
nigel shelby from alabama,
who was only 15,
killed himself after being bullied for his sexuality last week.
some stories i need a moment to process.
stuff like this is always so sad and triggering for me.
i hate we lost someone so young to other’s ignorance.
speaking of ignorance
an alabama deputy,
who should know better,
is under fire for his alleged hatred.
jeff graves posted the alleged following in regards to nigel…
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“Suffering Succotash: The Art of The Swindle” by Keaton Jones?

i wasn’t moved.
i might be getting heartless or could sense the scheming

so did the foxhole see this video of keaton jones?
he is the bullied snow cub whose mother made this video on fb.
this is what he had to say

well that video of keaton went viral that everyone took notice.
from baller wolves to actors.
even the bae of all snow baes,
“captain america”

that is a few of the responses he got.
someone even raised close to 60k on a “gofundme”:

it took nothing for ya’ll to get to digging.
come to find out

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They Are Trying To Break Gabby Douglas

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.06.41 PMi don’t like what is happening with gabby douglas.
this poor gymast vixen has been through way too much in her young life.
she went to rio to compete in the olympics and it has been nothing but drama.
you go in her twitter mentions and it’s even more confusion.
i don’t get it.
unfortunately in the olympics,
she didn’t make it anything further like her teammates,
but she did address all of the social media criticisms she has been facing.
well this is more of the story via the washington post
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