some people can’t always fight their bullies and win in the end

ya know,
i thought bullying ended once i dropped outta high school.
i learned very quickly that it never ends.
there is no age limit for the bully.
bullies can be your boss,
certain fan bases of different female celebs,
or the rabid stans for “that jackal” in the white house.
is legit bullying folks online and it’s coming off as humor.
 maurice “reese him daddie” was caught on a viral video being bullied.
he was dating a transvixen and a pack of hyenas found out:


it didn’t end well via “aazios“…

A man who was seen being bullied in a viral video about dating a transwoman has committed suicide according to his friends.  Maurice “Reese Him Daddie” we’re told was dealing with mental health issues as well as depression, and the attention he received from the video seemed to only compound his troubles. 

Friends say a lot of the bullying stemmed from the fact that he was so open about it and was simply living his life in his truth.  In a facebook post made before he died he said this about his girlfriend:

“Y’all can say whatever about faith I really don’t care if she not passable  I don’t care if she wasn’t born a woman she is a woman to me & I love her flaws that’s what makes her faith if you heard her story it’s motivating….. I’m happy you should be happy for me”

But a lot of people weren’t happy for him. “He was getting picked on and joked on all the time.” A close friend who chose to remain anonymous told us. “Where we are from, if you like trans woman, and you black, the streets will talk about you, fight you, even try to kill you. He was dealing with a lot.”

what a sad end.

one – he was happy and others made him feel terrible for it
two – the reasoning why he killed himself was recorded and went viral

they should all be in jail,
what’s crazy to me is how bullying is “in” at the moment.

Folks at my job running out crying due to being bullied by higher ups
Your next tweet or status could end up with you  getting harassed

i’ve had my share of bullies within the foxhole.
it doesn’t help that “that jackal in the white house” promotes this kinda thing.
he has created such a hostile living environment with his nonsense.

i don’t have the answers of how to deal with bullies.
as someone who was bullied pretty bad,
i had to learn to cry silently and work on my exit plan.
it did give me thicker skin to handle the future bullies i’ve battled.
i hope none of the foxhole has to endure what being bullied feels like tho.
may maurice rip.

article cc: aazios

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “some people can’t always fight their bullies and win in the end”

  1. I didn’t watch the video, just reading about it is enough for me. SOME BLACK FOLKS ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW THEY’RE treated by whites, and we treat our own kind like shit!! I don’t get it, love who you love, if you’re not involved personally, that’s none of my/your business. Them same niggas bullying are the same one creeping around, I pray to God that he gives them exactly what they give out!!

  2. To my black LGBTQ Folks let’s stop giving af about Black Lives Matters & these thugs getting gunned down by police until they Give A FUCK ABOUT OUT BLACK GAY ASSES!

  3. I bet a few of the guys bullying him have either been attracted to a trans woman or been with one and they are projecting their self hatred onto him.I remember when I when I was in high school a few of the “straight” guys who bullied the openly gay guys came out as gay themselves years later.

    16 trans women have been murdered this year,15 of the 16 have been black.I have no doubt that at least some of them were murdered because the guy they were with didn’t want anyone to know he was with a transwoman because of the stigma.

    This young man, who I read was only 20, was not ashamed of who he loved and was bullied for it.I wish he could have gotten help for his depression.RIP.

  4. They were saying this guy was also dealing with some other things that made him take his own life. Either way it’s unfortunate that it ended this way. This generation of people really worry me. We show no empathy for each other. Folks are so quick to judge.

  5. Sucks that he died over this foolishness. To be honest, I’m just glad that the transwoman was open and honest about who ‘she’ is, and how accepting he was of it. Usually when I hear stories about transwomen, it’s about some man being deceived and ‘her’ being murdered. I’m getting off track, but he should’ve never told anyone their business. Everyone doesn’t need to know it.

  6. Very sad news. A few years back when the “It Gets Better” campaign was in high gear some Black and brown LGBTQ people came forward to challenge that and say the slogan should be “You Get Stronger.” Even with all the advances in LGBTQ equality or maybe as a backlash to them, it’s like hatred of LGBTQ, especially gay and trans people, is off the charts among some. Hateful comments, bullying, cruel jokes, death threats, etc. are rampant right now.

    I see this online with some of my Black folks, esp. supposedly “straight” black men, who spew homophobia, and I keep thinking, why are you so worried about gay people and trans people? I heard a Black preacher go on and on about gay people and gay sex, even down to Black men’s beards. I was like WTF? Why are you so obsessed with what other people’s orientations, and esp. what they are doing in their bedrooms? Probably because a lot of these anti-gay fanatics want to be a person of a same sex or a trans person.

    It’s worse now because of that creature in the White House, but it also started after the advances for LGBTQ under Obama. Like Jamari Fox, I developed a thicker skin, and “We Get Stronger” should be our mantra. It ain’t easy, but the more we live our lives not in fear but in pride, the better we make the world for ourselves and the next generations.

  7. Sad that this brother needed help and did not seem it. Sad that the brother was bullied by his own people and Babylon sits back and smiles. Yup Babylon’s plan is in motion, confuse them and disrupt them to the point of self anniliation.

    Brother was weak and not matured enough to live his truth. He was caught up with what the masses had to say about him. In fact he was not living his truth, rather he was living a lie, living to the rules set by others. He wasn’t prepared to block the rabble out of his space and so he ran and took his life thinking that will finally set him free.

    In a funny way it did.

    RIP brother.

  8. Just thinking about this reminded me of a quote from noted black scholar Dr. Frances Cress Welding and she said……

    ” We are the only people on this entire planet who have been TAUGHT to sing and praise our demeaning..I’m a Thug, I’m A Hoe. I’m a Gangster. I’m a Thug. I’m a Dog. If you can train people to demean and degrade themselves, you can oppress them forever. You can even program them to kill themselves, and they won’t even understand what happened.”

    I hope Mechad and young Maurice had the opportunity to read her essay on The Cress Theory of Color- Confrontation and Racisim.

  9. The worst part about bullies is when they try to play victim and later dance on their victim’s graves. Never fall for it.

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