the beautiful ones don’t see themselves, every time

there is a beautiful black vixen at my job.

melanin magic
clear skin

it was her birthday today and i sat in for the festivities.
i don’t know her that well,
but i’m pretty familiar with her.
when i first saw her,
i thought she was stunning.
as i listened to all of the lives she touched in that room,
one common theme stood out…

She didn’t see herself as they did

she couldn’t she her beauty or even being this “superhero” to some.
it’s easy when your family/friends/close ones say it,
but when you hope the world sees what they see,
you’re often left ignored or passed up for others.
i kinda think that’s why many have committed suicide.
we live in a very social media forest now.
it was just high school insecurities.
the whole world has become one big ass high school due to our phones.
if you’re not getting:

a ton of likes
folks in your dms
being treated like a sexual object

not being engaged as others are

…you’re left to feel like you’re “ugly“.
that feeling of just not being “enough” is a very loud one.
i’m sure after she wipes her tears from today,
she will go back to the mental struggle of trying to keep it together.

i felt really connected to her in that moment.
it’s funny how we are all connected in some way and not even realize it.

Author: jamari fox

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