the beautiful ones don’t see themselves, every time

there is a beautiful black vixen at my job.

melanin magic
clear skin

it was her birthday today and i sat in for the festivities.
i don’t know her that well,
but i’m pretty familiar with her.
when i first saw her,
i thought she was stunning.
as i listened to all of the lives she touched in that room,
one common theme stood out…

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Black Vixens Really Know How To Iron

i’ve seen some beautiful gifs in all my days of running the foxhole,
but this is by far one of the stunning ones i’ve seen…
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Teaching Myself To See My “Beautiful”

someone said i was “beautiful” yesterday at the show.
totally shocked me,
but it was the universe doing.
or whatever you believe in or don’t.
i was just discussing with the pretty vixen about it 2 hours early,
during intermission between mariah to lionel.
she said to me…

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Meet The “Should Have Been The Next President”, Michelle Obama!

how beautiful is michelle obama?
i’m going to miss her being first lady.
she was so much fun compared to the others.

let’s hit her speech at the dnc one mo’ gin…
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WOLF MEAT: (434)

tumblr_nw0oj605vf1r8k8mqo1_500i’ve seen some artistic wolf meat shots for the foxhole,
but i really enjoyed the following…
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Beyonce Introduces Us To Kristin Douglas

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.52.26 AM

so ^that is the picture that started it all today.
beyonce took a picture at her uncle skip’s funeral.
the highlight wasn’t bey this go round,
but her cousin on the right in the blue.
i will admit…
that is who my eyes locked on first.
well her name is kristin douglas.
she is a gorgeous vixen with two beautiful cubs.
check out some more of these shots
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