Beyonce Introduces Us To Kristin Douglas

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so ^that is the picture that started it all today.
beyonce took a picture at her uncle skip’s funeral.
the highlight wasn’t bey this go round,
but her cousin on the right in the blue.
i will admit…
that is who my eyes locked on first.
well her name is kristin douglas.
she is a gorgeous vixen with two beautiful cubs.
check out some more of these shots

^that is a mom with two cubs.
can you believe it?
i felt something in my lower parts looking at her.
she is the type i’d go straight for.
she is gorgeous.
this is her sister:

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 12.00.57 PM


beyonce got some fine family members.
who trying to go to that family reunion?
i’ll allow them all.

lowkey: other vixens would have kept those two stunnas a secret.
“no one will show me up in a picture!”
i love how beyonce isn’t a diva like that.

pictures credited: instagam

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Beyonce Introduces Us To Kristin Douglas”

  1. Was I the only one who notice her ass? But she is gorgeous and her sister too. It look likes BeyoncĂ© got some good family genes. It makes me wonder about Blue Ivy because my mom was very attractive, she’s pretty now, but when she was young she was gorgeous and I feel the pressure of being the same.

      1. I think I will have a heart attack if Beyonce’s cousin is from the father side. If so, then I wouldn’t have hopes on the wolves

  2. Wow! That ass is the truth. She’s that country ass cousin that keeps hot sauce in her purse but is quick to tell you she’s on a diet and doesn’t eat bread.

  3. Wow isnt it something to have a family member who will make you a social media star overnight. I have new respect for Beyonce for even attending the funeral, I know when you become a superstar on her level people will be beyond disrespectful at funerals trying to take pictures or come into your space not giving one thought about the deceased. I can see why most famous people dont even attend family members funerals or only attend private family only ceremonies. I get the feeling that she is probably really close to her family because they are probably the only people she can let her guard down around and be herself. This vixen has probably been searched and will have a million new followers before Monday. She is beautiful but that is par for the course for women from Louisiana were Beyonce mother Tina is from. Beautiful women everywhere.

  4. She aiight…but I’d take the sister! I’m not an ass man and that is what everyone is zoning in on…I like nice ta-ta’s and a cute face.

  5. Well damn if I don’t know this was the foxhole I would be confused as hell lol! Now jamari I know you and most of you on here are secured with your sexuality but come on I’m feeling like I’m at a I like wimens im delivert fest lol! Shit Donnie McClurkin would be proud.

      1. Ha-ha lol! No see what had happened was you got wooed by the light skin Mandinga and just forgot where y’all was for a minute lol!

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