Excuse Me While I Weep In The Corner


one of my f-bi sent me this tonight.
after i read it,
real tears.
i was still in my feelings after dreaming about my father earlier.
i love to read about shit like this tho.
i was just thinking earlier if real love like this exist?
or is it just something you see in the movies/tv now?
i guess i got my answer.

Mariah Carey and Miguel Get “Beautiful”

mariah-carey-miguel-beautiful-900-600do you think mariah will be half naked in her new video with miguel?
well she just debuted her new video for “beautiful” so let’s see…

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Excuse Me, But That Vixen’s Pussy Is On Fire (VC: 18)

i can appreciate a beautiful vixen,
so when an f-bi sent me this,
i had to post it.
i don’t even care about the wolf rapping,
she is hot…

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 5.23.09 PM

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Old Dog; Good Dick.

i found myself just now catch up on this show called girls.

it comes on hbo and it is pretty good.
last nights episode was so true to life for me.
you ever watched something and it reflected something you went through?
who knew lena dunham would write an episode that would have me locked in…

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The Many Faces of Lil’ Kim

lil kim was such a pretty vixen:

remember how sexy she was?
when you have too much “yes” people,
too much money,
and too much issues,
well this is what happens…

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