Old Dog; Good Dick.

i found myself just now catch up on this show called girls.

it comes on hbo and it is pretty good.
last nights episode was so true to life for me.
you ever watched something and it reflected something you went through?
who knew lena dunham would write an episode that would have me locked in…

i met this wolf on a chat site a couple years ago.
before i started this site.
he was older than me.
much older.
he didn’t have any pictures on his profile,
but he wanted to meet because he liked my energy.
i suggested we meet at a starbucks.
close to his home.
we met and he was really handsome.
i mean,
he looked like a movie star.
light skin,
he had a nice build underneath his clothes.
taller than me.
clean sneakers.

he took me to his brownstone and it was beautiful.
it was extremely clean and decorated effortlessly.
he showed me around.
i asked him why did he trust me enough to show me his spot like this?
he said that i had a trusting spirit.
that made me feel good.
i don’t know if it was him,
or his apartment,
but we fucked IMMEDIATELY.
i knew from the first time i saw him,
he would get it.
when i tell ya’ll it was soooooooooooooo good.
it wasn’t like the boys i was use too.
this was a man.
a seasoned wolf.
he ate me out like a champ.
his stroke was also really solid.
he put me in positions i didn’t know existed.
all i remember saying was “oh shit… oh shit…”
clearly he fucked me stupid.
another checkmate.

we just laid together and talked.
i knew in that moment that i wanted his life.
i wanted to have the nice brownstone.
i wanted to live in that neighborhood.
he admitted to me that he liked me a lot.
i wasn’t like the boys he fucked before.
one even stole something from him.
i think HE was too trusting.
we talked for a while after,
went to dinner a few times,
but he was too busy being an online toss.
i’d sign on and there he was.
i liked him,
but i had to bounce.
i wonder what would have happened if i stayed with him?
wait for the upgrade?

i will never forget his house.
i guess what that episode made me realize is i’m not happy.
i want more.
i want to have “that” life.
have money to do shit.
mess with wolves like that.
like him.
just less online,
and triflin.

i feel i deserve that.
i deserve a good man and a good life.

….is that wrong?

watch the episode of GIRLS here

lowkey: she fucked that whole situation up.
way too much talking on her end.

7 thoughts on “Old Dog; Good Dick.

  1. LOL I thought I was the only one who watched “Girls” lol.. My favorite episode so thus far but Ms. Hannah truly pissed me off…I am like “Bitch shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride for what it’s worth!!!”. Not to get too deep but I think people come into your life for a season and a moment, either of you both need at the time and it’s just that, a season – a moment. Will she see him again…could she have gotten keys to the brownstone…???? Time will tell.

  2. I couldnt download the episode to watch, but I wanted to make a comment regarding this post about what you wrote about the dude you kicked it with. I had a similar situation with a dude when I was in my early 20’s, he was a older dude almost 40 at the time, but handsome and in shape. He had a bad ass crib and I too thought I had hit the jackpot and I could see myself living with this dude happily ever after. Well I learned real fast that he was a controlling selfish asshole who just because he had a little change thought he could say and do anything. I ended up just stop talking to him, I had a few things over at his house and I ended up just leaving them, I was pissed about that but I knew I had to send him a message. Well a couple months later, I ran into him at a nightclub, he gave me the stank face and never said one word to me, but later when I went to may car, my back window was busted out. Nothing was taken out of my car so I dont think it was a break in, but to this day, I cant prove it, but I think it was his old ass being salty that I left him. I learned that day that you have to make your own life and not be caught up in someone elses. These people with money and success are usually insecure and unhappy and they move around from relationship to relationship trying to find their own happiness. I often think with gay dudes if you are successful as well, they will not deal with you because they dont want you to overshadow or upstaged them

    1. ^i gotta get that episode working for you to watch.

      i agree with your comment.
      i look forward to what you have to say because you are so charismatic with your wording.
      it was probably him who broke your window.
      all eyes would be on him anyway.
      i hope he realizes karma doesn’t forget to pay what’s owed.

      lately I have been starting to realize that a majority of gay men are really gigantic over dramatic women.
      it is so hard to be in the lifestyle as is,
      and then to deal with the drama from these catty ass men.
      it’s disheartening.
      don’t get me wrong,
      straight men and women can be just as bad,
      but gays take it to a whole new level.
      you really see it especially when they deem you as “better” or you have a little more success.

    2. The older kats with bank tend to gravitate to younger dudes because they know they are often easily caught up in all of that, these kats are insecure and need their ego stroked constantly. I believe in finding someone on your level (an equal) and you build your life together. I refuse to compromise my own happiness for the sake of someone else! #forwhat

  3. Girls is great show Lena can write her ass off this episode was the first I’ve seen the was totally her. And her crying blew me and I too can remember a few tryst where I envied their life.

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