I Wonder What Dirty Talk In Bulgarian Bees Like?

i saw this snow wolf today and damn near keeled over.
everyone welcome to the pleasure hole

…. lazar angelov.

height: 6”0 (180 cm)

weight: 195 lbs (88 kg)

date of birth: september 22nd, 1984

birthplace: sofia,bulgaria

he is a fitness model,
personal trainer,
and a retired basketball playing baller wolf.

all kinds of damn.
he has a nice face too.
this is one thing that drives me crazy….

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwL1uBJNiHo]

… when a wolf wears a fitted dress shirt and i can see the shirt grippin’ his arms!!!!
if i can see your body in your clothes…

lowkey: i wonder what the peen bees like?

go to his website here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “I Wonder What Dirty Talk In Bulgarian Bees Like?

      1. Looking at the skin tone and the hair, I thought he had some black in him…
        I’m trying to get some Bulgarian in me…
        Oooop! Did I just say that…?

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