The Message From A Higher Place (Pass It On)

i met someone today who had a lot of positive things to tell me.
you know when i receive a message,
i have to share it with the foxhole…

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Damn, I Could Have Had That Snow Wolf Too…

it might not be too late…

so i was having a conversation with an ex co worker vixen tonight.
we were catching up about my new job,
that old job,
and everything in-between.
the subject of this one snow wolf she was really crushing on came up.
she was so in love,
but i had a feeling he was trying to fuck me absolutely brain dead

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Teaching Myself To See My “Beautiful”

someone said i was “beautiful” yesterday at the show.
totally shocked me,
but it was the universe doing.
or whatever you believe in or don’t.
i was just discussing with the pretty vixen about it 2 hours early,
during intermission between mariah to lionel.
she said to me…

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WOLF MEAT: (438)

flat800x800075tone of the biggest phenomenons is:

Snow Wolf with Bunz

they usually don’t have that.
well nowadays,
it seems more snow wolves are carrying bigger back there.
like this one
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Being Nice Is One Of The Best Accessories I’ve Worn


i guess it does pay to be nice.
as much as i complain about being “too nice”,
it’s only when i realize i gave my niceness to the wrong animals.
i learned that at my job today.
the day went one direction and ended up someplace else.
a good “someplace else”.
so my boss called us all for a meeting in the morning…

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Nick Jonas Is “Out”


so snow wolf,
nick jonas,
is featured in “out magazine” for june/july and…
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