Nick Jonas Is “Out”


so snow wolf,
nick jonas,
is featured in “out magazine” for june/july and…

…am i the only one who thinks he is sexy?
i would certainly let him do me.
if you’re wondering,
he is once i wake up,
it’s back to reality.

lowkey: the animals think he “gay baits”.
well he is doing a good job.
he is the straight poster snow wolf for the gays.
i say whatever he is doing is working.

don’t we want more straight wolves comfortable with us?

pictures credited: out magazine

11 thoughts on “Nick Jonas Is “Out”

  1. His last CD was pretty good. There were a few on there that I like.
    His new song “Close” isn’t bad either.

    As for him being straight…I have my doubts. In a few years we will hear him say he is bi. He’s comfortable with gays for a reason.
    The industry won’t allow him to come out right now…not when he’s popular with the girls.

    Kinda like the guy who played Arsenal on Arrow. He took a leave of absence because he was having a breakdown hiding the fact he was gay. Someone posted a story about him on social media…and he decided to nip it in the bud and publicly disclosed he was gay.

  2. Nothing against Nick Jonas but I think it’s pathetic that Out magazine and The Advocate have had more Straight White Men on their covers than LGBT People of Color over the last five years.

    1. Again, this is why I gave up on looking to the media to represent me, and I’m glad I don’t need it! But I won’t lie in saying that it would be nice…
      Magazines aren’t my thing anyway. North America is “White world” so I’ve stopped having expectations and expecting them to cater to us. It’s not as if we’re an important demographic or anything…*rolls eyes in sarcasm*

      If we want to be represented in the media, we as black AND gay men have to be the one’s pioneering it, catering to OUR needs. I’m sure there are already a few out there, just probably not as big as OUT. This blog is a prime example of catering to our needs. We need more of that permeating the “gay media”, and we’d have no troubles getting representation, I’m sure, it’s just GETTING there!

      1. You will see people of color on the cover of FOREIGN versions of popular magazines before you see them on American versions.
        “People of color on the cover do not sell magazines” is the myth within the industry.

  3. Mmmmm he’s cute, but not my type. Plus I don’t trust him cause something tells me he probably the type to be like “I love gay people” on camera, but behind close doors “I hate fags”

    1. True. I wonder when will the gay community wake up and realize that we are being preyed on and celebrities are capitalizing off of us. Instead of us pushing for amateur gay actors or artists to go mainstream we are pushing these type of people. When is the last time someone has posted or discussed going to a fellow gay or lesbian artist showcase or marketing a gay or lesbian artist (I will wait on that one)…

  4. So damn fine. I was high key excited when I read the title, but I should have known better. 😭

  5. Yes he is very sexy I don’t know how I feel about his gay baiting. On the one hand it seems like he’s just using the gays affection for him to boost his career but on the other hand as you said it’s nice to see a wolf so comfortable within sex that he seems to embraces us and the attention he gets from the community.

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