Please Don’t Hurt Him Work Wolf

tumblr_mdbz8vgDit1qd3d65o1_500work wolf turned me on today.
i hate to admit that.
well no i don’t.
i never seen him get angry or overly aggressive until earlier…
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Ryan Phillippe Is Definitely Not A Secret Nor A Lie

ryan philllllllippppeeeeeeee….
if i had a vagina,
you would more than likely be in it.
anyway when i found out ryan phillippe,
one of my fav snow wolf actors was going to be in new show,
my dvr was already set.
“secrets and lies” on abc.
10 episodes.
it also stared juliette lewis.
was i the only one watching?…
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“Mikey Sam Has A Big Butt”

SamKissthat was the first thought i had watching the mikey sam documentary.
the one that came on own last night.
when i finished watching both the documentary and oprah’s prime,
i was left with a few other thoughts that led me to my conclusion

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The Only Thing I Chase Is Money and Good Pipe

aqedys-l-c680x680-shoes-bag-nike-flowers-flower-print-airmax-roshe-run-sneakers-nike-floral-black-nike-running-shoes-pink-workout-gym-nike-floral-print-roshe-run-colour-brand-material-rosheruns-blacone thing a fox doesn’t do,
is a fox don’t chase.
unless the feelings are mutual,
then you can put on your running shoes
anything less than that is dead and goes on the shoe rack.
so i’ve been communicating with the snow model wolf i met at #nyfw…
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Nick Jonas Does The Gay Club

nick-jonas1nick jonas,
of “the jonas brothers” fame,
has turned into something of a meat sandwich over the years.
as you can tell,
he be on his fitness.
well nick also knows where his loyalty lies.
the gays.
nick decided to take a little trip to an nyc gay club and well…

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First Show Out

dreams_will_come_true-116so yesterday had one issue…
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