The Only Thing I Chase Is Money and Good Pipe

aqedys-l-c680x680-shoes-bag-nike-flowers-flower-print-airmax-roshe-run-sneakers-nike-floral-black-nike-running-shoes-pink-workout-gym-nike-floral-print-roshe-run-colour-brand-material-rosheruns-blacone thing a fox doesn’t do,
is a fox don’t chase.
unless the feelings are mutual,
then you can put on your running shoes
anything less than that is dead and goes on the shoe rack.
so i’ve been communicating with the snow model wolf i met at #nyfw…

after speaking to him,
he revealed to me that he does personal training on the side of his career.

sidebar: i told god that i wanted a personal trainer to start fall with.
i waned to start working out heavy so next summer could be a problem.
i know that if i don’t hire a personal trainer,
i will not go to the gym.
we don’t need to go into that debacle of me signing up for the gym last year…

tumblr_m0luqjjify1qel57ro1_5001okay so back to situation…
he said his rates are cheap.
cheap is something i could afford right now.
he wanted to meet up so we could discuss what i’m looking for.
well the times we were suppose to meet,
it would be always something.
he would cancel at the last minute.
tonight he said he would meet me at my job at 530.
do you know i waited there and he didn’t show up?
i had to text him,
for him to reply 45 minutes later:

something came up.”

excuse me what?

75169-this-is-bullshit-gif-Imgur-QZNf-1i’m sure if i was some blonde hoe with a leaky pussy,
he would have been at my job.
hell maybe that older snow wolf he left with.
either way,
he must not like money or manners.
if you knew you had something to do,
common courtesy would be to call/text and let me know.
i don’t like waiting.
i don’t wait,
especially for a wolf who doesn’t forewarn me i’ll be doing that.
not have me sitting there at my job like a fuckin’ moron.
twiddlin’ my thumbs and shit.
people leaving and asking me:

“why you still here?”

see shit like this would have his number erased with the quickness,
and i should because i was real tite about it,
but i won’t burn a bridge just yet.
the ball is in his court.
he will hit me up with a solid confirmation.
he needs to be at the place we are meeting and then i’ll show up.
fool me once,
shame on me…
plus i had to ask myself,
with all these various cancellations,
do i really want to pay someone like this to train?
my idea of a trainer is someone who will go hard on me.
i don’t need someone so lackadaisical about it.
especially when my money and time are involved.
we’ll see what happens with this one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “The Only Thing I Chase Is Money and Good Pipe”

  1. Two points: 1.) those nike free runs in the pic above need to be in my closet and 2.) I can’t stand when not just wolves but anyone does that . Everyone has their phone on them 24/7 it would have taken him less than a min to hit you other to tell you he couldn’t make it.

    P.S. Even tho I said above I hate when everyone does it , it gets on my nerve the most when attractive wolves do it.

  2. I’m not too surprised. Men don’t really care for one another that much, especially when they are just meeting someone. Something really could have came up or he is just rude, and he definitely would have came if you were a female.

  3. J, Burn this damn bridge down to the ground. One thing I have learned since coming to the foxxhole for the last 3 years is to know your damn worth. I met this dude earlier this year who had all the things I look for in a dude, I was ready to lay it down for this dude but of course he didnt feel the same about me, would do shit like this, cancel, not call or text when he wanted too. I put up with for a while and thought it was going to work it self out but it never did. I just quit calling texting etc cold turkey one day and never looked back and its because of all the good advice and life lessons I have learned on here. I dont put up with Bullshit for even one minute. I have blocked about 3 dudes I met in the last few months because of this very behavior and they never knew what hit their ass because when they tried to call or text, they didnt get me. Whether this relationship is business or personal its starting off wrong. You dont really know this dude and you dont owe him anything even a explanation of why you cutting his ass loose and putting him on the curb with the trash.

  4. First, you shouldn’t hire any dude you’re very attracted to to be your trainer. The result of that is you won’t be as focused or you have some dudes with question character that pick up on that attraction and use it to their advantage.

    Next, ALWAYS ask if they are certified! Everyone trains these days and although being certified doesn’t make you a better trainer, it does show you’re somewhat serious about it.

    I wouldn’t give anyone my money that already flaking.

    Remember when I told you I accidentally sent my trainer super homo text by accident?! Fast forward to today and he’s easily like a close friend/big brother that happens to be fine as shit. lol

  5. Well..atleast he is showing you how he would treat you as a client and a person now before you spend any money on him….

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