“Mikey Sam Has A Big Butt”

SamKissthat was the first thought i had watching the mikey sam documentary.
the one that came on own last night.
when i finished watching both the documentary and oprah’s prime,
i was left with a few other thoughts that led me to my conclusion

i didn’t really feel anything for him.
i didn’t cry.
i wasn’t emotional.
i felt nada.
is that wrong to say that out loud?
he just doesn’t come off relatable.
well to me anyway.
i noticed he also comes off like a jerk as well.
that part where he was going in on the publicist.

giphyone thing that stood out to me,
just as an observation and i could be completely wrong,
but he looks like he isn’t too sure now about coming out.
he gives this impression through his body language of regret.
first he said he always knew he was gay,
and then he told oprah he thought it would be a phase.
so which is it mikey?
i still maintain the idea he should have come out after played a season.
even if he wanted to try it mid season,
at least he would have been on a team and built stronger bridges.
everyone didn’t know him as:


he is now:


no team.
no accolades.
no ring.
just a great college career that has passed.
sure the people he played college ball with would appreciate him.
he grew with them,
for like what,
2 years?
he established a connection with those people.
this is the nfl baby.
new ball game.

i think in the end he serves as a lesson.
i have this feeling all the others who wanted to come out won’t.
they used michael sam.
he was also using them as well.
he tried to use his “coming out” as leverage to get drafted,
and although he did in the seventh round,
that clearly that didn’t help him go far enough.

personally the snow fox came off more likable.
more likable than “mikey”.
he is very supportive.
i didn’t get any user vibes from him.
i think its genuine.
it was actually really telling that he is the bread winner now:

“the roles have reversed
and now he is the happy housewife.” – the snow fox said.

giphy-1although i kinda feel that was thrown in to pull at our heart strings,
i also feel that will eventually cause problems for them in the future.
maybe the near.
this is how we will know if their love was really genuine.

so whats next for mikey sam?
i honestly don’t know.
as the days go on,
his hype starts to diminish.
the straights who actually watch football could care less.
maybe he will use this to elevate himself to stardom?
become an activist?
or simply fade away as “this is what may happen to you”?
who knows.
i wish him well on his future endeavors.
i’ll be watching.

lowkey: i’ll take the older black wolf in the office,
as well and those sweaty pre baller wolves….


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on ““Mikey Sam Has A Big Butt””

  1. Too bad for him, guess we’ll have to wait until people are retired in the game to have them come out so it doesn’t affect anything. It’s not easy being the first anything, be it out footballer or anything else. It comes with people looking to use and destroy you. It’s a shame your image consulting company is up and runNing, he could have used something like that.

    1. ^he definitely needed to prove himself in the nfl first.
      in this world of “we need to know everything”,
      it didnt allow him to prove himself.
      plus i feel like his people guided him like a white guy who came out the closet.
      something aboht him is off.

  2. Being in football and making a team is tough and stressful enough. Personally I thought he should have concentrated on just making a team and come out after the first season or, as Jamari said, midseason. It just seemed like the whole “first openly gay man in football” just overshadowed everything. It interesting he said there are a whole lot of gay players out there. We know that. But it will be a long time before we get another who is willing to admit it.

    1. ^you know what immanuel?
      i think how this whole thing was handled scared anyone else.
      i dont blame them at all.
      the powers that b arent feeling that.
      im sure they know of gay baller wolves who their teammates know about,
      but this whole thing came off like trying to make this guy a star.
      it takes the light off “im here for my talent” and onto “i fuck men and thats all Im about”.

  3. I didn’t watch, mostly because I forgot it came on lol. However, I’m not that much interested anymore. Michael did not make an NFL roster, and it will probably be tough for him at this point. Other then him playing football, I do not care for anything else. I wish him the best.

  4. Oh shit it came last night? But what I can tell from this entry is A) I didn’t miss much B) I was going to dislike him even more and C) I honestly don’t give a shit, but I would had like to check out his ass tho and then get out of my ass. Idk he turn me off completely. But I don’t think his boyfriend and him are going to last because bottoms who used the word housewives and they’re not the housewife in the relationship then UGH OH!!!

  5. It’s not surprising he came off like an asshole. I still remember when that snow fox released text messages of Michael Sam. He came off like an arrogant celebrity even though he was just a college football player. I’m sure he does regret coming out. One of the recruiters for the pro teams said that many had already written him off because they didn’t want the spectacle that came with him. I’m not gonna watch the documentary. It’s made by Oprah after all. I’m tired of her trolling ass documentaries.

  6. In all seriousness, I really hope nothing bad happens to him. Unfortunately, a predicament like his can really do something to a man’s psyche and he could someday have a mugshot posted on TMZ or something.

    The problem was never coming out per se, but rather his pr flubs and underwhelming at best talent that supplemented to occasion. Perhaps disappearing from the limelight and doing some soul searching is probably the best route.

  7. I think he will be fine…When all else has failed get a reality series. After all isn’t that where all the losers and outcast go these days?

  8. He did say that he will still train to get on an nfl team. He has a lot of options to go in his life at this point.

  9. First let me say, I noticed his ass throughout the entire doc. It’s a huge bubble & his body is on point. After the special aired I checked Google Images to do a search for ass pics and he doesn’t have many out there. Which shocked me b/c normally pro athletes especially football players always have at least 10-20 ass pics floating around on the internet. It confirmed my suspicion that many folks (LGBT or otherwise) are not checking for Michael Sam or find him attractive, which is fine.

    That said, I’m in disagreement w/ most of the commenters here. I was inspired by his courage. His relationship felt authentic. I was even more impressed after his one-on-one w/ Oprah.

    Sam is from the middle of nowhere in a hillbilly conservative small Texas town. He is the 7th youngest of 8 kids. He witnessed his brother die right before him from a gunshot wound. Another sibling has been missing since 1998. His two other brothers are in prison. This man had absolutely everything against him to succeed and he still managed to avoid getting in trouble w/ the law and becoming the first person in his entire family to go to college. I admire that. I don’t understand the politics of football really but I do know they’d rather cover up domestic violence, drug abuse, or racists but clearly draw a line at homosexuality that may never be crossed. Which is sad. I applaud Michael’s openess and courage in the face of so much adversity. Especially from his very own community. He tried to do something that has NEVER been done and he’s only 24. I wish him the best & I’m rooting for him in whatever profession he ends up.

  10. I haven’t seen show but I have respect for anyone who takes a risk and enter uncharted territory.
    I have a question is it better to come out or be outed by a “Peanut”. Michael Sam said in February he thought he was about to be outed based on comments his agent heard during Senior Day.
    I’m rooting for him.
    On another note my best friend knew he was attracted to boys when he was 8 or 9 but he still thought or hoped or prayed it was a phase he would grow out of .He finally came out to me at age 19.

  11. Congrats to J.J. Watt!

    He’s on the front page of yahoo for being good at his profession, no mention of his sexuality…

    I happen to be wearing his jersey today too!

    1. I live in Houston.Congrats to JJ Watts.I have a part time job at NRG .BTW there is a lot of talk about his sexuality.
      Too bad The Texans didn’t make into the playoffs now I have to hear crap from the Cowboys’ fans.

  12. Jamari, I didn’t watch the Sam interview, but you wrote this: “first he said he always knew he was gay,
    and then he told oprah he thought it would be a phase.
    so which is it mikey?” Human emotions are often complex and not always logical and often difficult to express with words. (For example, my beautiful mother passed away 18 years ago but earlier tonight I was crying as if she passed away yesterday.) I’d harmonize the two to say that he probably knew that he was gay from an early age but that he hoped/thought that it might be a phase. And I suspect–heck I know–that many gay men go through the same feelings.

  13. By the way, it’s “couldn’t care less” not “could careless”. And don’t get upset–you know that I love me some Jamari Fox morning, noon and night!

  14. I did not see the OWN special and I feel like he did what he wanted to do , but some times doing things can help or hurt you. I wish he would have thought long and hard about it. Then if you are one who likes the same sex find a man that is equally as strong as you are and quit picking up these flaming queens who actually hurt you unless you explain to them that the behaviors has to be controlled.

    1. I just watched the taped docu,nd interview…nice looking guy, he seemed unsure, not convincing, at all. He said his boyfriend kind of forced him to come out..I too got the idea that he is not sure that he made the right decision. In the interview with Oprah his body language spoke as much as his words.
      I think he may be a very good athlete,however he hot too caught up in the Gay agenda and it may have scared off the teams. Too many distractions…I felt that he wasn’t on the up when he said that other gay players contacted him, again his body language screamed lying.
      I wish him luck.

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