First Show Out

dreams_will_come_true-116so yesterday had one issue…
my people hit me with the ill confidentiality agreement when i got there.
some she-jackal went and instagrammed about a collection last year.
my people nearly got sued.

all hell broke loose.
now everyone who volunteers can’t talk about anything.
not the name of the show.
no pictures.
no social media.
basically we are working for experience.
other than that,
it was absolutely amazing.
i have been so happy like i was doing what i love.

so i had to do a walk through yesterday.
my connect assigned me 3 model wolves to style.
model wolves.
for each.
can i just say that muscular bodies are really tight?
like “slab of cement” tight?
am i complaining tho?






either way,
it was a hectic because i had to pull one model wolf out his clothes,
and put one in another.
while still trying to super multi task by keeping them all in sync.
i was the first to be done and have the clothes in bags.
alphabetical order,
might i add.
my connect came over and said to me:

“i gave you these 3 looks because you are so organized.”

funny enough i wasn’t even tired.
i wanted more.
more i say!
i only get tired when i’m at the plantation.
that should say a lot.
anyway i ended up going to another show with my connect to help out.
the best part happened there.
i ended up getting a number at that show.
ome from a fine snow model wolf at that.
not not fine.
like “who the fuck is THAT?” fine.
lookin’ like a muscular younger brody jenner.
article-2375113-1AEE6A80000005DC-809_634x656687e5di was alllllllllll about that.
he was literally staring at me as putting some clothes on a rack.
like od staring.
now before i would have gotten shy,
but that was before.
the foxhole has helped me tremendously.
he was on my radar after that point.
i needed to meet him somehow.
so when i had a break,
and an opening,
i saw him lounging around the food table.
i acted like i was going over for food and randomly said:

“has anyone ever told you that you look like brody jenner?”

i didn’t know what else to say.

“i actually get that a lot.”

dreamyhe was so fuckin’ dreamy.
we started talking and he said he really liked my jogging pants.
so he would always come to talk to me when i was free.
some point in the conversation,
i asked to exchange cards and he was excited to do it.

“you need to take me to where you got those pants.”

…oh i will.
they might end up on your floor.
i’m kidding.
i emailed him when i got in and he sent me a message back ASAP.
like not even 10 minutes.
he maybe straight and trying to be cool,
but he did leave with one of the older snow wolves.
“a someone” who was there.
they seemed cool,
but cool could also mean “we fuckin'”.
so who knows?
i will go into it as friends.
i also connected with 2 snow bunnies.
one i think wants to smash.
cute snow bunny but:
Oh_hell_to_the_no_Rachel_Berrynow lets see who i meet today at #nyfw day 2.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “First Show Out”

    1. ^lol @ swirl!

      thanks jay.
      im trying to be off that job and into my career.
      no games are being played!
      i read your comment about jumping off the roof yesterday during a break.
      I was like “whoa!”.
      the way how you worded that comment was something out a movie.
      like I could see you jumping and your parents running out like “wtf????!!!!”

      1. I wrote a long explanation, but I’m staying on topic so all I’ll say is I actually like the experience…alot. If I could be in a state of falling forever I really would.

  1. Get them connects. You never know who that snow wolf might know. He might know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody. Same with the snow bunnies. Stay cordial.

  2. Boy look at you, day one and you’re already showing them who’s boss plus getting the attention of a fione wolf, it just shows your light shines bright when you’re in a place you thrive in.

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