Being Nice Is One Of The Best Accessories I’ve Worn


i guess it does pay to be nice.
as much as i complain about being “too nice”,
it’s only when i realize i gave my niceness to the wrong animals.
i learned that at my job today.
the day went one direction and ended up someplace else.
a good “someplace else”.
so my boss called us all for a meeting in the morning…

he was mad at something completely unrelated to me.
someone on the team messed up so i guess his motto is:

“if it’s someone else’s fault,
everyone is at fault.”

he legit looked at us and said:

“i will get rid of each of you.
i already have others lined up to take your places.”


that hit me like a ton of bricks.
i wanted to throw each one at him.
i gave this job all these years and i’m pretty much just a “number”.

for the rest of the day,
i sort of had an attitude.
i tried to snap myself out of it,
but it was written all on my face.
i was in the break room and one of the vps walked in.
she said that i’m always so happy,
but lately,
i have been looking really sad.
after we had a talk about what happened,
she said:

you are so talented and that department doesn’t deserve you.
i don’t think this job deserves you either.
when you get out of your head,
and your own way,
that is when you will see the power that you have.
you have great energy and you aren’t invisible like you think you are.
i see big things for you.

i was thankful for her kind words.
i went back to my desk and just zoned everyone out.

when i was leaving for the day,
i was approached by a snow wolf in the lobby.
he is in his late 30s.
i remembered him as a guest from my old job.
he would come in and we would randomly speak.
at the time,
i didn’t take anything of it.
i like talking to strangers.
all i remember is he would meet with the higher ups.
well he greeted me like he knew me for years.

“omg i’m so glad to see you here!”

he began to tell me how nice i was to him.
we started to catch up and foxhole…

do you know this snow wolf is the ceo to a major company in my building?!


one that specializes in entertainment.
he is a big fuckin’ deal.
the crazy part is,
i didn’t know he was a “ceo” years ago.
i just remembered him,
but i honestly forgot what he did.
he told me to come up and see him soon.

h3qvxxi will take him up on that offer.
since my job has shown time and time that they don’t appreciate me,
it’s time to find the best way to a new journey.
judging from his resume,
it seems he could help me more with my career than anything else.
i just don’t know how to approach him.


13 thoughts on “Being Nice Is One Of The Best Accessories I’ve Worn

  1. If I may…

    You know the company, so go to their site and look him up. Also, look into any openings that they may have that you are fully qualified for and partially qualified for. I have a BAMA in Theatre, I teach English, and I’m the child of a judge and a federal prosecutor. I pay very close attention to words and tone when speaking with people.
    His words were, “OMG! I’m so glad to see you here!” For White CEO speaking to a non-White non-CEO (at least not yet) that he barely knows, those fairly strong words to use. Then, he says come see him. Once you research the company and any openings, take him up on his offer and schedule a meeting through his assistant. If the assistant is blocking, be early a couple of days a week and “bump” into him.

    Sounds like opportunity just knocked; are you going to answer? Praying that you do.

  2. Go see him and tell him you are looking to grow your career and ask for advice. That will open the door to building a relationship but maybe a job. People like to be asked for advice

      1. I would simply go call his receptionist and ask that I be placed on his calender for a quick 20min meeting.I would then follow that up with an email to him directly or drop a note card in the mail to him or to his receptionist. Tell him if was great to see him and that you would like to come up and talk with him. Let him know you have spoken with his receptionist for possible times on his schedule. Just talk to him about general things then move in the direction of his job. Maybe possibly get shown around so you can get a feel for the environment at the office. This also will let you know the demographic of the company. Once you have established and you had reached what they do then you can ask about his journey. After that you can say how much you respect him and what he does and that you have a passion for working in the industry. Ask him if he has any advice for you. Please have a very detailed answer about what your interest is industry. Pick on thing don’t go in there with I could be good at this or that or that. People like helping people who know what that want. If you are not sure just say your are figuring it out and maybe you could shadow someone for half a day to see what they do. I shadowed someone and ended up getting introduced to the department head of who was impressed with me. There was a junior level opening which was a little below me. I took it and left my shitty job before I let it get the best of me and a year later I’m working in a better position with great money and at a major entertainment company. Also remember relationships are everything as it’s who you know.I always reach back and drop emails to people so that I constantly nirture my relationships because then people feel good about helping you and it’s just not out of the blue. You run across all these people and your golden opportunity is staring you in the face so move on connecting with people. The majority of people love talking about themselves so you can really build something from those interactions. GOOD LUCK

  3. That’s what’s up I agree with everyone above don’t let this moment slip by, if you know his name and where he is be as direct as you’ve been with these wolves and approach him head on.

  4. Bro it’s time to start your new game plan of getting a job within his company bro. At least do that until you can run your own shit.

    1. I agree exactly with Billy B. Do you have his phone number or email? I would call or email him and ask him if he has any openings and go from there.

      1. Ask him for advice. Find out who is assistant is and write to her. ” I ran into snow wolf the other day after several months of not seeing him. He asked me to stop up sometime. I thought I’d reach out directly to you to figure out what might be convenient on his schedule. Lunch maybe?” A note like that would make my assistant love you and DEFINITELY get you on my schedule. Then, position the conversation as a request for professional advice. And, during the conversation, slip in…and what opportunities might be available at your company?

        PS. Unless you live in a very different concrete forest than I do, you might want to assume that the snow wolves are all the boss or the nephew of a boss. That is how it seems to work. Even the goofball snow wolf in the corner tends to be invited to some mighty interesting family reunions.

        1. ^YOU KNOW WHATS CRAZY!!!??
          i literally said to myself that i hope you leave a comment about what to do.
          i admire your professionalism and knew you would have great advice.
          look at God!!!

          thank you to everyone who left comments!
          im actually researching him now.
          id actually like to work for his company from what im reading about it.

      2. ” Im doing fine where I am. I get lots of praise for the quality of my work and my work ethic. But, Im not growing, not learning. I had been wondering what I could do to figure out what might be a smart next step. Then, we ran into each other and I thought you might be the perfect person to ask for advice.”

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