joe biden announces his vp (are we upset with his choice?)

everyone was wondering who joe biden was gonna pick as his running mate.
they were speculating today was gonna be the day that he announced.
he did and guess who he picked?…
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i love when you’re aggressive with me

i like,
no LOVE,
an aggressive wolf.
not “i think you’ll rape me” aggressive.
i’m fontin’ moreso in personality.
i’m always the aggressor when pursuing someone i’m attracted to.
they’ll start out aggressive,
throwing signs and shit,
but when i follow up to close the loop,
they get all standoffish and i’m left all wet.
you thought you was “this close” to getting the dick.
one thing i can’t stand is a male who talks a good game in public,
shows he’s attracted to you discreetly,
but plays the passive aggressive white vixen shit with his actions.
nothing turns me off more.
so you already know i can’t deal with it at work…

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Being Nice Is One Of The Best Accessories I’ve Worn


i guess it does pay to be nice.
as much as i complain about being “too nice”,
it’s only when i realize i gave my niceness to the wrong animals.
i learned that at my job today.
the day went one direction and ended up someplace else.
a good “someplace else”.
so my boss called us all for a meeting in the morning…

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I Am Taller Than I Under Think

195326-A-Kind-Word-At-Just-The-Right-Moment-Can-Make-All-The-Differencearound close to 5-ish,
i was on twitter reading this from “athlete’s for god”
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From Bad To…

tumblr_n31dspWmNz1smtazbo1_500today was a pretty good day.
better than yesterday.
yesterday was “fuck shyt” central.

i guess god decided to grant me a life pass…
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Escort-ed Away

tumblr_mgllwuIvs31r251tno1_500i’m always fantasizing what it would be like to have a lot of money.
i actually think about it everyday.
who would i be smashin’?
what would i buy?
where would i go?
when would i get up in the morning?
why would i even think of turning down?
i believe it so i see it.
well one of the male vps at my job has that kind of life.
he is an older snow wolf who is the definition of money.
he has the crib,
and the vixens.
oh does he he have the vixens…
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