I Am Taller Than I Under Think

195326-A-Kind-Word-At-Just-The-Right-Moment-Can-Make-All-The-Differencearound close to 5-ish,
i was on twitter reading this from “athlete’s for god”

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 7.42.15 PMmy mood was on the slope downward.
it was busy with various deadlines,
a ton of shit was on my mind,
and i was on the verge of getting up and quitting.
one of the vps walked up to my desk.
at first i was like:

he caught me on my phone.”


…but then he said:

“i just want to say…
you are a valuable asset to this company.
everyone always has good things to say about you.

you have an amazing eye with your fashion sense and you light up the room with that mega watt smile of yours.
keep doing everything you are doing.”

tumblr_inline_migch4VfZU1qz4rgpnow i didn’t think this particular vp even “saw” me.
he is usually in his own thoughts and world.
he is vp for god sakes.
you really never know who is paying attention.
hell i have been looking depressed.
i mean i still been on “fox swagg” mode…
…but yeah.
so i replied:

“i think god sent you over to tell me this.
i have been feeling so down.
people seem to take my niceness for granted.”

and then he said:

“well i don’t know what’s going on in your personal life,
but maybe it’s time to get rid of people who don’t value you.”

he smiled,
said something else i can’t remember,
and then he left.
this is when i tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 7.52.47 PM

he does.
liar liar faked smiled her ass off and away.
to be honest,
i have yet to hear anyone get complimented the way i do.
it’s a shame i don’t realize how tall i am.

lowkey: i need to shine brighter for the world.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “I Am Taller Than I Under Think”

  1. Coming out of a restaurant this woman was coming in while talking on the phone. She said; God works in mysterious ways and now your saying it. That’s twice in two days those word cross my path…

  2. You’re the shit. Don’t let any tell you (or make you feel) that you’re less than. New beginnings are on the way!

  3. See the people who matter are taking notice of the good you do. We spend so much of our time trying to chase those we want to see what right in our faces.

  4. Jamari, I feel like the things that you’ve been through this whole time is a test of faith. In fact, this is just a storm you’re going through. When it’s over, you’ll be sailing on smooth, calm waters. Keep the faith and don’t give up or give in. I myself am up for a promotion as well. I hope I get because I’ve been through some rough waters myself.

  5. It always feels good when you get a compliment from someone out of the blue…someone that doesn’t even know you, doesn’t it?! It’s sad that the compliments don’t come from your supervisors/managers but from others outside of your immediate department! Kinda like my job! LOL

  6. It seems like you really needed to hear that, especially after all you have been through at work. Compliments from others you do not expect can change how a person feels about themselves.

  7. Hey Jamari,
    You have to know your worth! Now this isn’t easy,but as you continue to grow and do what you do, you will know. People will see it and will want you on their team. Stand tall in your worth and you will be valued!! If not, get rid of them and move on. Know your worth!!

  8. I’m glad God sent you that ray of sunshine. You needed that. Keep your head up. And P.S. his advice about dropping loses in your life was spot on.

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