From Bad To…

tumblr_n31dspWmNz1smtazbo1_500today was a pretty good day.
better than yesterday.
yesterday was “fuck shyt” central.

i guess god decided to grant me a life pass…

so my new boss called me into his office this morning.
he apparently had to speak to me privately.
when i got in there,
he told me how i am a valued asset within the department.
he said i go above and beyond with my work,
i get good reviews,
and i am genuinely liked by many within the company.
he also said one of the really big bosses,
who i didn’t even think knew me by name,
pulled him to the side and spoke very highly of me the other day.
his assistant was telling him about me.

“well thank you.”

that’s all i could say.
i was doing cart wheels on the inside.
my old boss would never.
i will admit that ever since my new boss came,
things have been a lot smoother in my department.
he is very laid back.

in the afternoon,
i was greeted by a big client of our company.
she wanted to come by and say hello to me.
she also came with a present.
a magazine that has yet to hit the stands yet.
one with a major pop star on the cover.
she only came by for me to be the first to get a copy.

“omg thank you!”

She-jumps-she-screams-you-know-happy-personshe has always been so nice ever since we met.
we have gotten very close.
its good to be respected by people in “high places”.
you never know who will pull you up in the future.

i was standing on the elevator with work wolf.
we were headed to our usual walk to the train.
as we were doing down,
i was talking to a vp from another department.
this other vp only talks to those he respects.
well he also speaks to me and drops dirt about certain things within the company.
lets just say he knows a lot and likes to talk.
well he mentioned about valuable additions to the company.
he mentioned me within that conversation.
well that’s when i started.

“you know,
work wolf has helped me on various projects.
he is doing a real good job over there.
i don’t know if you know him,
but he is a really hard worker in his department.”

tumblr_m7joe4u8LU1rp62eqthe vp shook his hand.
that boosted up work wolf and put him in the right radar.
i also looked at him and he was damn near blushing.
he was just telling me today how he doesn’t get recognized enough.

“damn thanks jamari.”

people have told me when i introduce,
i make the other person sound like someone you need to know.
its the “jamari fox” way.
i love when i have days like this.
it gives me so much confidence.
more days like today god.
how about for the rest of the year?
thanks in advance.

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28 thoughts on “From Bad To…”

  1. Good for you!!! It’s sad when others recognize your hard work, but your own department doesn’t! Cool that the newbie recognized you…but only after someone else pointed you out in a good way!
    My department is like that. Ungrateful fucks! LOL

  2. You go boy in my (Gina from Martin voice) for everything you have been through and for you to keep pushing and still standing, I have so much respect for you. It seems like you might be getting a promotion soon.

    1. Yeah, I have that feeling too. All of this is a precursory, and i’m glad newbie doesn’t follow office drama. I guess he already know the garbage and dirty.

  3. Im glad you had a great day J. Congrats on the work recognition too! And that was really considerate & nice of you to give work wolf a shout out. (Now about that dinner…LOL)

  4. Good for you 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Isn’t it weird we have to go through crap in order to get to the good stuff? I ready for them to promote you.

  5. Omg I’m so happy for you, I think you definitely deserve to treat yourself to something nice for this one, and hopefully this is getting you and work wolf back on the right track.

  6. I’ve been researching body language and I learned that when you introduce or highlight the positive qualities of someone else, people associate those qualities with you. The same goes for negative ones. So its good that you’re known as that person.

  7. I’m glad you had a wonderful day! And that was really nice of you to say about Work Wolf. Blessing others is how you get blessed!

  8. Reading this has made my morning!!!! Jamari, my mother always tell me you never know who’s watching you. You’d be surprised at who is. When you get a moment, listen to ” He’s A On Time God’ by Dottie Peoples , when you hear the words you’ll know why I suggested it. Your time is coming!!!

    1. Yes Ronnie!!!!!! (Song and lyrics ON POINT and super pertinent)
      But this made my morning too Jamari.
      We never know what’s in store but we always have the opportunity to help the next man… The fact that you took a moment to say sumthin is as good as reaching back and pulling the next bruh up, and that speaks volumes about your spirit.

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