Chris Brown Is Doing ATL Pride This Year

tumblr_nsbsmqLwvT1qaphd5o1_500i love ^this outfit.
i need it now!
so i guess chris brown is squashing rumors he is a homophobe.
he will performing in atlanta for gay pride.
there is a catch tho…


Is it just me, or do the lesbian promoters always come up with Black Pride parties better than the gays no matter the location? I’m just saying.

The ladies at Atlanta’s Pure Heat Entertainment has made a big announcement regarding their Atlanta Black Pride weekend lineup that will take place in about three weeks. Expect to see superstar R&B acts like Chris Brown, Monica, Kelly Price and hip-hop stars like Dej Loaf, Teyana Taylor and Lil’ Kim to host and perform throughout their events during September 2 thru 7.

Reality TV stars Rocky Santiago (“Bad Girls Club”), AzMarie Livingston (“America’s Next Top Model”) and Gocha Hawkins (“LA Hair”) will serve as hosts at some of these events.

Don’t expect these Pure Heat events to be nightclub parties only. Patrons can get into hip-hop karaoke, comedy showcase, day parties, booze cruise, all white party and more. For more information on Atlanta Black Gay Pride Weekend visit,

“Pure Heat Atlanta Black Pride is a dynamic opportunity to showcase the diversity and uniqueness of the LGBT community. 2015 promises to be even greater than previous years” says Traxx Girls founder, Melissa Scott.

The 6-day long holiday weekend will also feature the 4th annual Pure Heat Community Festival, which takes place on Sunday, Sept. 6th from 12pm – 8pm at the historic Piedmont Park. The cultural event will highlight market and food vendors, live performances, entertainment, educational forums, prizes & giveaways, all of which brings together the spirit of community, pride and vision. The Pure Heat Community Festival also offers an opportunity to bring awareness to a community impacted by HIV/AIDS, and which advocate campaigns towards human rights, education, Health & Wellness, and Homelessness, which greatly impacts the LGBTQ community at large. The Pure Heat Community Festival is a front seat into a spectacular gathering of minority LGBTQ people and their allies in the heart of Atlanta.

…sorry foxhole.
he is only performing for the lesbians.
tumblr_inline_nqbqujwJS51tx5eil_500i’m almost positive he’ll be having a 3some afterwards.
so get on your sexiest bi sexual vixen to go and seduce him.
make sure she is a redbone.
you know how he can’t say no to yellow pussy.
i need a “chris brown dr” on my desk that following monday.

tumblr_nscmo4Sc6q1riql1po1_250tumblr_nscmo4Sc6q1riql1po2_250 tumblr_nscmo4Sc6q1riql1po3_250-1 tumblr_nscmo4Sc6q1riql1po4_250lets hop to it!

lowkey: why do i feel some celebs/baller wolves creep down there for pride…
…in disguise of going to ludaday weekend?
can a baller wolf bring me along this year?
i’d like to creep too.

article taken: g list society

see more pride events: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Chris Brown Is Doing ATL Pride This Year”

  1. This event lineup is giving me struggle but I wish them the best. Who want be any where near this is me. My first time going to ATL to attend Labor Day Pride sadly was my last. Can you say HORRIBLE. ATL and MIami Sizzle are two events that I can never go to again and be good. I am sure the ATL event is going to have some good stories though from our favorite Instagram attention whores. I hope they are able to pull the festival off, because anytime, I have been in attendance with a large group of lesbians it is always a fight, I guess its just too much testosterone in one place 🙂

  2. Chris has private sessions for that. Also, he is a fxx. Numerous stories about this. He hand picks them. Although I will say most tend to be of a brown (African American) shade. Also yes, Ludas parties do attract some ballers, the ones that do like blk men that is. Tea has been served.

  3. You hit the nail on the head. Luda’s private guys only nite is held at the Lowes. Watch who’s scheduled in town that nite.

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