Escort-ed Away

tumblr_mgllwuIvs31r251tno1_500i’m always fantasizing what it would be like to have a lot of money.
i actually think about it everyday.
who would i be smashin’?
what would i buy?
where would i go?
when would i get up in the morning?
why would i even think of turning down?
i believe it so i see it.
well one of the male vps at my job has that kind of life.
he is an older snow wolf who is the definition of money.
he has the crib,
and the vixens.
oh does he he have the vixens…

today i noticed a very beautiful,
and lost,
vixen walk into my section.
she was gorgeous.
definition of exxotical.
light skin.
jet black hair.
full lips.
slanted eyes.
she definitely looked like something out a hiphop video.
i thought she was looking for one of the mailroom wolves.
definitely their type of pussy.
she noticed me looking at her and came up to my desk.
when she told me who she was looking for,
i should have known.
she isn’t the first one.
matta fact,
she is one of the “same” ive seen come here for him.
the older snow wolf vp.
they come,
go to his office,
stay in there a few hours,
cum out,
and leave together.
god knows what happens in that office.

tumblr_n3q7hcUf5A1sv7laoo1_500do i even want to know?
when he came to my desk to get her,
he greeted me with a hi5.
he introduced her and told her i was the best dressed in the office.
i thanked him,
shook his hand and hers,
and they went about their business.
i have this strange feeling she is:

she and the “others” are escorts.
he doesn’t get them a lot,
but when he does,
he gets ones that are his fantasy.
i often wonder if that comes with having a lot of money?
saying “fuck it” and paying for some hd quality pipe/hole?
no dating; no waiting?
personally i really want a real connection with a wolf.
i don’t want to date/fuck by the hour.
i want to know he is attracted to me.
actually gives a fuck about me.
wants to genuinely fuck me.
i’m not knocking anyone who pays for their pleasure,
but love is one thing you can’t buy.
well not what i’m looking for anyway.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Escort-ed Away”

      1. Yep. For people who got out of long marriages, that cuffing shit is old news for many. They just that nut, and with the best money can buy.

  1. Gawd! the people you work for/with are so fucking messy.

    If I had a lot of money, I just wouldn’t be bothered. I’d be away from everyone. Hopefully living near a beach. And I damn sure wouldn’t be paying for sex. That’s just uncalled for. Plus, like you said, I want to know the person genuinely likes/is attracted to me.

    Even if I did have a lot of money, I still wouldn’t be happy but at least my bills would be paid.

    1. ^i keep saying that every day zen.
      it pays the bills and I’m grateful,
      but this job is really starting to get to me.
      i am praying for a way to my career dreams.

      aside from that,
      he is actually really nice.
      if I worked under him,
      or back to my position with my old boss,
      i probably would be so much happier.

  2. Pussy on a platter. Well, if you’re a guy you pay for it one way or the other. The most expensive pussy is often that which is for free.

    Gay guys that want ass and/or dick sometimes pay for it through escorts found on A4A and Rentboy and other websites. This is America and everything is for sale!

  3. To be honest there is nothing wrong with paying for it. I don’t care if you have feelings for me BECAUSE I don’t have feelings for you either. I just want to tap some Grade A ass. Someone I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have people find out I smashed.

    If you want companionship get a couple good friends and/or a dog

  4. I’d never pay for sex man, shit is beneath me. Money is too valuable for me to waste it on people who do not even matter. I rather go broke spoiling the person I am in a relationship with who I actually care for, than to spend it on a stranger for a half an hour. Nah.

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